00:14For years, our world have been in peace
00:19But something is coming
00:22I can feel it
00:26Dark forces are upon us
00:29Fall back!
00:34Find these beasts, or wherever they are
00:39Our world is dying
00:41There is nothing to go back to
00:44If our people want to survive, we must make our home here
00:51Whatever happens
00:57If we do not unite, our world will perish
01:01This doesn't need to happen. There's one who may help us
01:05For orcs, there's no life but wars
01:11No, but with the human's help, that could be
01:15Why are you here?
01:16To save our people
01:21Can we trust him?
01:24They are beasts. They should all be destroyed
01:30Are you sure about that?
01:34We will protect the kingdom, you and I
01:38You side with the humans, against your own kind
01:45This is suicide. ( We have no choice )
01:48We should attack with full-force
01:51Whatever you plan to do, do it now