00:07I like it
00:09Wait, you shot that?
00:12Your sister shot this?
00:14She calls it 'Onions'
00:15It's beautiful
00:16And it's just an onion
00:17Put this on our homepage now
00:19People need to see this
00:20The rules of cinema have changed
00:23This is the work of a major artist
00:26I heard she shot the whole thing on an iPhone
00:27I'm going to make a movie about snap peas
00:29Who's gonna to watch a movie about snap peas?
00:30Can I have three tickets for 'Onions', please?
00:33This was like seeing the onion on a molecular level
00:36This is talent! Why are we not representing it?
00:39Now I know the truth
00:434K on an iPhone, wake up people
00:45That's poetry
00:46And the winner is
00:47no surprise here