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00:21hey, come on, man
00:25I don't think he's out here
00:30What are you suggesting, Taylor?
00:33That we give up, and head back to camp?
00:35We can't do that, man.
00:37This is the spot where Justin said he was headed.
00:40This is where he was going to be, man.
00:43But he's not here.
00:44We can't go!
00:47Taylor, we can't go.
00:49If he dies, that's on us, man.
00:53If he's dead, then we are the one's to blame because we were responsible for him.
00:57Now look, he was headed this way.
01:01We just gotta split up.
01:02We gotta cover more ground that way. Okay?
01:07You gotta keep quiet!
01:09You make any noise.
01:12There might be a whole group of them on us one more time.
01:15We can't do that anymore. Got it? Taylor?
01:25We cannot lose another.
01:27We cannot lose another person.
02:06So what was Justin doing out here anyways?
02:09Before we left to gather supplies yesterday.
02:11he talked about hearing a radio signal.
02:15So why'd he decide to go alone?
02:16Couldn't he have waited for one of us?
02:18He's been talking about this signal for days now.
02:21nobody wanted to waste their time.
02:24Now just like always, Nico's talking the blame on himself.
02:51What happened?
02:52He was too close.
02:53I need my gun!
02:55He was about to get Taylor.
02:57We need to find Justin.
02:59We need to go!
03:03Don't use your guns on them.
03:05It's only going to attract more.
03:42Can we user our guns yet?
03:44There's too many Nico. We need to shoot!
05:15Can you hear me?


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