00:04Namaste Namaste
00:06You have a really great yoga practice
00:07I saw your inversions at the end of class pretty impressive!
00:11Thank you, I've been practicing about five days a week for quite a while now.
00:15How long have you been practicing?
00:17I'm actually gonna get my certification this fall.
00:17about a year.
00:20that's really fantastic, I bet you're gonna be a great teacher.
00:22I'm sorry, did you just look at my chest?
00:27Can I go to one yoga class without being completely ogled by some jerk?
00:30Hold on just, just a second here.
00:32Can I say something really quickly?
00:33Oh, now you're asking for permission, please.
00:36If you really didn't want me to stare at your beautiful breasts,
00:39you'd be wearing something other than a purple sports bra covering maybe a third of your perfect tits
00:44and another thing, I'm biologically programmed to stare at boobs, okay?
00:48It's in my DNA to scan for supple, life-giving breasts
00:52And it's not a personal thing, it's not about me.
00:54it's about my potential future offspring! Okay?
00:57So really it's a selfless act! I'm paying it forward!
01:00And one last thing, okay?
01:01If all that isn't enough, I spent the best eighteen months of my life sucking on those things for my very sustenance okay
01:06so don't you think that maybe, in the recesses of my mind
01:10that I look at breasts and I think of a safe haven
01:12That they are objects of love and caring.
01:14representing a time in my life when days were easy
01:17and that maybe I saw all of that in your, beautiful breasts.
01:22I don't know what to say.
01:26That was actually logical and somehow sweet.
01:29Do you wanna go get coffee or something?
01:32You know, that'd be really great.
01:35Hey, Mitch. How's it going man?
01:36Hey Greg. I thought you were swimming, what are you doing at yoga?
01:39Oh, well, I was and then I met April and now I'm doing yoga.
01:44Are you guys?
01:45Yeah. ( Oh no no no no no )
01:46Excuse me?
01:47I'm sorry, I just
01:49Mitch just made some really great points about my breasts.
01:52God damn it, Mitch
01:53Sorry Greg.
01:54April, have you ever been to a chakra-puncture-meditation?
02:00This guy?
02:01Oh! Come on! really?


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