00:05Hey lovelies.
00:06How's it going?
00:07It's me, Ann.
00:08and I'm back with another recipe that I want to share with you guys all.
00:13This is my second collaboration with Starbucks,
00:15and this time around they had asked for me
00:17to share my perfect pairing with a cup of Starbucks coffee.
00:21So if you guys missed my last video I shared with you guys,
00:24a strange way on how you can drink your coffee yet it's so yummy and delicious and satisfying.
00:30I love it, and I think you guys will love it too.
00:33So if you guys want to check that out
00:34I'll link you below this video
00:36but today I'm going to share with you guys how I like to make my brownie in a cup
00:41using just a few simple ingredients.
00:43You guys are going to love it.
00:44Alright, lovelies, so to make this.
00:46you're going to need 2 tablespoons of flour.
00:49I'm currently using coconut flour
00:51just because I like to experiment a little bit and I love the smell of it.
00:55Next you would need to add in two tablespoons
00:58of sweetener so as you guys know, I'm cutting out the sugar.
01:01Therefore I'm going to replace it with some pea protein
01:04which is kind of sweet already.
01:07To give this indulgence of chocolate,
01:09you will need to add in 1-1/2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
01:141 teaspoon of vanilla, a dash of baking soda,
01:182~3 tablespoons of yogurt, and now it's time to mix everything together.
01:23If you feel like your mixture is still a little bit dry
01:26you can add in some milk or extra yogurt.
01:30Then you should be left with a yummy consistency like this.
01:33Pop it in the microwave for 1~1/2 minutes.
01:36After it's done, I would say let it set for about 5~10 minutes before trying it out.
01:42Then you should have something delicious and chocolatey like this.
01:45The chocolate really compliments rich flavors in the coffee.
01:49It's definitely a delicious and perfect pairing.
01:53You can also get more simple recipes at starbucks.com/athome.
01:58Alright, lovelies, that is it for today.
02:00Thank you so much for watching.
02:01Play around with the recipe.
02:03It's really fun to make, and share with us what your favorite pairing is with a cup of coffee.
02:09Thank you all so much for watching.
02:10Make sure to subscribe.
02:11it's totally free.
02:12I make weekly videos, and I hope to see you very, very soon.


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