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00:05OK lovely people, I'm gonna show you
00:07how to make the best classic Mojito, the most popular cocktail on the planet.
00:12Very refreshing, very beautiful and very, very simple to make.
00:16So first up, lime.
00:17Give it a little roll, just to loosen the oils in the skin
00:21you can start to smell it and also those little capsules of lime juice inside.
00:25Take the end off of the lime, like that.
00:28Take a nice, just over a centimeter thick, like this
00:32and then cut it into four.
00:35That goes into our glass, I want about seven or eight nice leaves of mint
00:42try and go for the smaller ones, they are obviously younger
00:46they're more delicate, more perfumed.
00:50Look at that, beautiful.
00:51What we can do, give a nice little spank.
00:53Everything in life is better with a little spank.
00:57That goes into the glass.
00:59About one desert spoon, level of sugar.
01:02If it's a little sour add a little bit more sugar.
01:05Now I haven't got a muddler, I'm just gonna use the end of a whisk
01:08but you could use a rolling pin, or anything that's flat like that.
01:12And what I want to do is eight, nice, little squashes.
01:17I've been in some not so good bars, were you see the bar tenders going
01:23It makes the white bitter part of the lime extract
01:27and it makes the bitterness also come out of the leaves.
01:30Next up we want fifty ml of white rum.
01:35I'm just using a little digestive glass like this.
01:40Let's say fifteen ice cubes is good.
01:42I'm just gonna get my little tea towel like this, grab in the little corners.
01:48Smash it up.
01:50You can use a rolling pin if you want
01:53you can get all your aggression out.
01:54Think of your bank manager of the estate agent
01:57and the taxes you pay every year.
01:59But it's gonna be alright because we're gonna have a beautiful mojito.
02:03Come and have a look, this kinda blend is nice, I like that, I like it a lot.
02:09So I'm only gonna fill that glass, three quarters OK?
02:14and then I'm just gonna top it up.
02:16With a little soda water, just a little splash like that, no more.
02:21And then use our spoon, and we just, almost like cooking
02:24when you're folding things through egg whites and cream,
02:27just fold it and then top up with the ice.
02:31Garnish with a little mint and also give it another spank.
02:37A very important Italian bar man told me to do that.
02:40Always spank your mint.
02:41So there you go guys, I hope you like that beautiful cocktail
02:45and don't forget you can be creative with this of course you can.
02:48It's really nice with different types of mint
02:50I've done it with lemon thyme before which was really interesting.
02:53You can also do it with basil.
02:55Beautiful basil leaves.
02:56Purple basil, green basil, if you like it, like it.
02:59If you want to share it in your social media put it
03:01everywhere we want people making there own fresh cocktails just like with
03:04when I'm cooking.
03:05Also don't forget, go and have a look at Food Tube
03:07if you wanna see some food to go with this lively recipe.
03:10But I hope you like that! Until next tim,e cheers!


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