COD Black Ops2 ショットガンビーストLv5

00:00hello everyone welcome my friends to another juicy black ops 2 Live going to
00:12you guys been awesome in the sport vp sales but you know what let's jump back
00:15on this beautiful game and get killed but I thought I dare put the shotgun
00:22because why not
00:24I obviously didn't use a shotgun very much at all the Vengeance sweet my
00:28friend and I don't use your hands very much at all with in black ops 2 and I
00:31feel like I missed out a little bit
00:32take a seat my friend so why don't you come in black ops 2 now watch this i'm
00:36going to try
00:37normal jump into the rear window was gonna wait and then maybe
00:41thank you yeah i was just going to wait and use it as a ways of decoy someone up
00:47for you doing in that way we do a sniper buddy have to stop that my friend i do
00:53have pretty high streets on
00:56I almost failed at so mad that was it was a big joke
01:00nice guys senior action is it
01:03he wanted to banks but now i'm taking the snap down who he had attacking
01:08certain here that could have screwed me over so bad about you got a chopper
01:13vsat and swarm one of the biggest streak in the game with a shotgun
01:18this is gonna be interesting i'm not sure that red dot is if he's going to be
01:22okay looks like I'm the closest plague over go
01:26I think there's two people up here I know downstairs
01:30alright man right up so goes my first rate
01:35yes thank you ok let ya can assist open
01:4000 I honestly thought that guy's gonna come up there and just spray me down
01:46luckily he shot and missed just before so i got this got the chopper gonna drop
01:53gonna lucky kid got myself will be sacked got myself this stealth shop that
01:58I love streets and back roads to man i'm not going to i love you so much
02:02I'm a big streets and these guys are so unaware that they have no idea
02:08they have no idea what is happening to the next go stealth chopper that showed
02:13no mercy
02:14we are always at the store baby
02:18oh right I'm gonna be careful here
02:23I'm going for a sneak attack again
02:27snake back because they'll swim that is what I'm talking about 15
02:34oh no I swear I could've got a card through there unfortunately for you go
02:41one better than better than no none and we got this one that is the most
02:44important thing
02:45so and yeah I honestly felt like I missed out on the shotguns 25 into how
02:50we do backups - I love with in ghosts
02:52I used in quite a little bit and go soooo images absolutely ripping ever got
02:56out sick the streets out in this game definitely a big difference to the
02:59assault streets in Call of Duty goes oh man I can't even find anyone where are
03:03they think they're all the way over tomorrow right I'm going to try and get
03:07over there try and get some gun kills because my swarm just want this on
03:11another level baby
03:12there's one dude not going to be able to meet with our distance how pop out and
03:19went upstairs know we're being nice
03:24out oh my god what have I just done to us poor people
03:3042 and - Wow and Wow
03:36I have nothing to save you jump back on blacks to you guys get the swarm with a
03:41shotgun 20 plus KD hope you guys r entertained food if you are and give it
03:47a thumbs up
03:48really appreciate that it's a lot of fun jumping back on black up soon I see a
03:51lot of support it's gonna be as then I know I should be even more and using a
03:55shotgun that was a lot of fun if there's any weapons want to see me to use me
03:58like seriously
03:59snipers again shotguns are certain assault rifle just let me know down in
04:03the comments section hopefully i can do a few guys that was so much fun
04:06definitely missed out on the shotgun action back with 22 you use these things
04:09a little bit more there's a lot of fun and I'll see you guys in my next video


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