100キルしてみた。 COD BlackOps2Lv5

00:00hello and welcome my name is ali a today's a very exciting day but a few
00:14things to tell you guys but this gameplay is going to be a hundred kills
00:18within six versus six domination just happens to be one of the brand new maps
00:22odd a lot of things went my way to get this gameplay as you guys have been
00:26watching all of my challenge series the last was a nuclear with the pistol and
00:30other guys or like are the enemies suck and when you're playing really well
00:35the enemies are going to appear to be really really bad especially when you're
00:37just going to pan
00:38of course you could be having a very good game and the enemies are probably
00:42having a pretty bad game for things to go right into get a game purpose but
00:45things did go right I wasn't using any high-end streets no school no dogs no
00:50Lozano VTOL warship you see what streets are using you see which gun class i was
00:55using in a second i'm going to evaluate a game play with you guys we can talk
00:59through it and let you know what was going through my head as i was playing
01:01but literally today
01:03the day's video goes up if you're watching it as soon as he goes up
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01:30really enjoy the shirts without further ado let's jump into this game play
01:34let's start off here so the beginning of course naturally capturing our flag just
01:39to get a few points in the bag start off with me as you can see on screen
01:43i am using the m8 without stop which is quite big for me normally i do you stop
01:47on all of the assault rifles it means to be a lot
01:50they can have greater mobility and raining down site for some reason I took
01:53it off and and it actually when I was a lot more accurate
01:57that's why I found out and I get a very very nice triple Q there to get your
02:01loading . to start off with
02:02and then a capture killed but if I got a triple Q and I've been a little bit to
02:06the left already got three capture kills have an additional 24 capture kills was
02:12and so I was a bit unlucky to not be on the flag Michael a triple Q with a c4
02:17but I can't complain up already got a lightning strike in the bag
02:20I purposely placed a lighting strike around the building i'm looking at the
02:23moment you what you want to know is where the roofs are on the map so that
02:27when you're calling in a lightning strike you're not placing it on a roof
02:30and it's getting those killed so I place it strategically around this little pod
02:33here and it is quite my teammate is a perfect bait to get me that killed in to
02:39help me get the orbital visa and yes got thrown at this point there's no reason
02:43for me to push into their spawn
02:44I've got a very good vantage point as to where they're coming from with this
02:47morning from anything that is keeping me locked in at eight and just let them
02:51keep on this morning and at this point here my teammates start coming towards
02:55we start running into the sport and it starts switching over a little bit so
02:58they're being pushed over to the other side of the maps are move away now find
03:01my own space
03:02if you're going for a big game play you want to be the previously only aggressor
03:05on the map you and the rest of your team to be supportive and and you to be
03:08really aggressive and that's another thing to know is i'm playing by myself
03:11no one on my team to and help or to talk with it is like she just a solo game
03:15play and here I'm pushing into a and the good thing about the beans that is it
03:19tells you instantly as soon as the spawn switch so i knew they were sporting a
03:23anymore and they were sporting right the back area of this map and this is a very
03:27key part the math you if you know that is a spawn here which i did is going to
03:31help you massively several times in this game player come to the back into the
03:35map here and take out a large group of enemies and because I knew that this was
03:40one of the spawn points on the map and I'll see ma here
03:44I'm sitting behind his bowels and you can see that was a lot of battles .
03:47around the edge of the map and a very very good points for not showing a lot
03:51of your body and being out of a good vantage point on where the enemies are
03:55spawning now here I don't know where they are
03:58I'm literally just trying to use my initiative luckily that killed got me
04:01the vsat and yes court road and then I could be a little bit more aggressive
04:06once you've got the visa and yet India is very tempting to sprint straight at
04:09the red dots but you need to be very tactical now you need to still plan and
04:14strategize how you're going to take on an enemy and even with the visa in the
04:18air because
04:19well you know that person could have an amazing shot you can sprint straight at
04:22them and they'll kill you
04:23so the vsat is both really awesome and also sometimes and it can be no you can
04:29help your team get a lot more kills
04:31luckily in this case i took the best advantage of the visa which meant I
04:34could get the majority of the kills is but here I was hoping the c-4 get a load
04:39of them but I throw a bit too far and then luckily because the visa and yeah I
04:43knew exactly that guy would be
04:45now what I pretty much by about their whole freakin team and I think I
04:50probably did just let you out the whole team in a few seconds that I had another
04:53visa at school and writing one of 20 guns street now which is also a lot of
04:57these guys are focusing on the escort drone because it's such a big nuisance
05:01they're trying to get rid of that first before they even think about me
05:04so it's very very good sort of and making the enemy's sort of worried more
05:08about the streets and actually me which is really cool
05:10fortunately I got a death there and with the PDW I should have been using the ma
05:15to take on that gun five and it was this bad move my half a little bit unlucky
05:20i'm pretty sure i could have gone and got new clothes in this game play that
05:22there hadn't happened but you know I'm still doing well now one thing to note
05:25is my streaks aren't very high
05:28what you normally see with big high school in game plays is the swarms
05:32coming in getting like 20 30 kills the dogs taking over for an hour and
05:36stopping anyone from shooting any of the streets out the air for air support
05:39streets this is literally pretty much just made up of gun streaks and escort
05:44roan street is called run goes in it hopefully so much now here again
05:48I know this morning at this side of the map I'm very wary when i moved towards
05:52the side of the map
05:53lucky mascot wrote such a beast just white somewhere out for me to want to
05:56get there
05:57the reason anyone left and now coming towards the end of the first half a
06:01snitch 30 seconds left
06:02three guys here important don't manage to get anything with my gun
06:05the and a to escort drawing picks them up and another catch - there some reason
06:10some of the players just you know weren't moving at some point in the game
06:13and in here like I just make a play like that so it's just a good play and to
06:17have a game but if you've got to have some really lucky plays like here and
06:21i'll get another killing the second
06:23so I literally get about four five six kills very very quickly and
06:28when all those gunfights and these like little bits of their plays I made in the
06:32gameplay pretty much made it was announced halftime
06:35I've got 61 kids but my team is a hundred and thirty-six which means i'm
06:39actually just below a hundred plus it's sort of school line at the moment so i
06:45need to really could have a really strong second half and luckily I've got
06:48streaks in the bag to help me out as I said they're not the really really high
06:52ones and a map like this
06:55the assault wife with the m8 specifically works really well because
06:58of a nice little bow around the map and a long line of sight so you can get if
07:02you're very strategic and for that reason the m8 works really well with in
07:07this game play now culture
07:10actually , streets in for a time here because of course you gotta wait to
07:13certain amount of time I think my teammates but realize it's on to a good
07:17and now we're trying to get my attention and luckily it is part of the map
07:21I like to go off to the left here and I get some really nice shots and I think
07:26because I wasn't using stock i wasn't moving around all over the place that
07:29would be nice and accurate i took out these guys and these are very important
07:33cues to start off the game and essentially just get you a nice little
07:37route to start off the second half of the game here now
07:41I think lightning strike placement is really important and the lightning
07:44strike itself is essentially like another UAV for me often i won't use at
07:48UAB and i'll use a lightning strike because as soon as you cool in a
07:51lightning strike you get that swype which essentially acts as a UAV and is
07:55really really useful
07:57luckily that guy that was distracted by the AGR rather than me so I had a chance
08:02to take him out get another captcha kill their own auto complete role at the
08:05moment I want a really really good momentum to the momentum play here and
08:10I'm going in a goal of the streets in my bag
08:13as far as more where don't think overlapping streets with this gameplay
08:16which is really lucky and so not overlapping streets and making sure
08:21you're using everything to advantage is really important as well and they're
08:25like a strike against be really really useful
08:28now it's going to get to a point here why have to be playing better
08:32when I was in the 1st half to get the hundred kills I'm gonna need overall
08:36here i wanna see the light grenades going to kill me are so lucky it didn't
08:39vsat save you because I knew he was in his building man I could jump around the
08:43corner taken by surprise and get the kill their very very lucky
08:47the Beast itself is just an amazing street can't recommend it enough it just
08:50shows you within this gameplay how useful it convenient got multiple people
08:54on your team running of these that it's even more awesome that again
08:57again the enemy's all here in the edge of the map take out one guy I was sure I
09:02taken out the second guide
09:03I think I let you need to let one more bullet from anything for a pistol from
09:07anything to take him out just realize that I've got my second twenty chemistry
09:11I didn't even realize that actually going to win this game plate so i could
09:15have a double new quit in this game
09:16a double nuclear that would be absolutely awesome but he didn't happen
09:20so i gotta say it would be nice to if it didn't happen again they're all at the
09:24edge of the map here not to get a nice jump shot on the first guy but I'm we
09:28can from him so I couldn't quite take on the second guide and a hundred and
09:31ninety school here for my team
09:33we've got two flags not three so lucky were not triple capping it is . but is
09:38very very close to the end of the game and they're not very close the enemies
09:42are quite far away
09:43luckily they start coming to his party I get one guy i get to guide and now i do
09:48want to spend and now i do want to be aggressive on your flag doesn't matter
09:51about streets
09:52I just need to get in there and try and kill them and luckily luckily a hundred
09:57kills three deaths my escort wrong it's the final two kills litari within the
10:01last freakin few seconds
10:04absolutely insane I really had a lot of fun getting you guys can play do you
10:08have enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up to smash that like button and really
10:12really appreciate it gives amazing can we got over a hundred thousand on the
10:17last pistol new color
10:18don't expect to get as many but it's completely up to you guys want to
10:21support via the absolutely awesome
10:23even in comments down below let me know what is your highest scoring game played
10:27in black ops 2 how well if you've done and
10:30how does it compare to this thank you so much for watching guys really hope you
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10:37hope you guys enjoy the service and as I said send me a tweet if you do decide to
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10:45thank you so much for watching really really hope you enjoyed it a lot of fun
10:48showing us gameplay with you guys check out a views on screen case you missed
10:52I'll see you guys on the next video


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