TED | 「Googleの自動運転車で目指していること」Lv6

00:16As a boy, I loved cars.
00:19When I turned 18, I lost best my friend to a car accident.
00:25Like this
00:27And then I decided I'd dedicate my life
00:31to save one million people ever year
00:34Now I haven't succeeded, so this is just a progress report,
00:38but I'm here to tell you a little bit about self-driving cars
00:41I saw the concept first
00:42in the DARPA Grand Challenges
00:45where the U.S. government issued a prize
00:47to build a self-driving car that could navigate a desert.
00:50And even though a hundred teams were there
00:52these cars went nowhere
00:55So we decided at Stanford to build a different self-driving car
00:59We build the hardware and the software
01:01We made it learn from us
01:04and we set it free in the desert
01:07And the unimaginable happend, it became the first car
01:10to ever return from a DARPA Grand Challenge
01:13winning Stanford 2 million dollars
01:17Yet I still hadn't saved a single life
01:20Since, our work has focused
01:24on building driving cars that can drive anywhere by themselves
01:28any streets in California
01:31We've driven 140,000 miles,
01:34Our cars have sensors by which they magically can see
01:39everything around them and make dicisions
01:42about every aspect of driving
01:46It's the perfect driving mechanism
01:50We've driven in cities, like in San Francisco here
01:54We've driven from San Francisco to Los Angeles on Highway 1
01:58We've encountered joggers, busy highways, toll booths
02:02and this is without a person in the loop
02:04because the car just drive itself
02:06In fact, while we drove 140,000 miles, people didn't even notice
02:13Mountain roads, day and night
02:18and even crooked Lombard Street in San Francisco
02:25Sometimes our cars get crazy
02:28they even do little stunts
02:43Now I can't get my friend Harold back to life
02:46but I can do something for all the people who died
02:47Do you know that driving accidents
02:50are the number one cause of death for young people?
02:54And do you realize that almost all of those are due to human error
03:00and not machine error, and can therefore be prevented by machines?
03:05Do you realize that we could change the capacity of highways
03:10by a factor of two or three
03:13If we didn't rely on human precision
03:15on staying in the lane improve body position
03:19and therefore drive a little bit closer together
03:21on a little bit narrower lanes
03:23and do away with all traffic jams on highways?
03:29Do you realize that you, TED users,
03:32spend an average of 52 minutes per day
03:36in traffic, wasting your time, on your daily commute?
03:42You could regain this time
03:45This is four billion hours
03:46wasted in this country alone
03:49And it's 2.4 billion gallons of gasoline wasted
03:54Now I think there's a vision here, a new technology
03:57And I'm really looking forward to a time
03:58when generations after us look back at us
04:00And say how ridiculous it was that humans were driving cars
04:04Thank you




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