TED | 「うん、核融合炉を作ったよ」Lv3

00:16So my name is Taylor Willson, I am 17 years old
00:19and I am a nuclear physicist
00:21which may be a little hard to believe, but i am
00:24And I would like to make the case
00:27that nuclear fusion will be that point
00:32that the bridge that T.Boone Pickens talked about
00:34will get us to
00:36So nuclear fusion is our energy future
00:38And the second point
00:40making the case that kids can really change the world
00:43So you may ask
00:49You may ask me
00:50well how do you know what our energy future is?
00:52Well I built a fusion reactor when I was 14 years old
00:57That is the inside of my nuclear fusion reactor
00:59I started building this project when I was about 12 or 13 years old
01:04I decided I wanted to make a star
01:06Now most of you are probably saying
01:09well there's no such thing as nuclear fusion
01:12I don't see any nuclear power plants with fusion energy
01:15Well it doesn't break even
01:16It doesn't produce more energy out than I put in
01:19but it still does some pretty cool stuff
01:21And I assembled this in my garage
01:24and it now lives in the physics department of the University of Nevada, Reno
01:28And it slams together deuterium
01:30which is just hydrogen with an extra neutron in it
01:33So this it the similar to the reaction
01:35of the proton chain that's going on inside the Sun
01:38And I'm slamming it together so hard
01:40that that hydrogen fuses together
01:43and in the process it has some byproducts
01:45and I utilize those byproducts
01:48So this previous year
01:50I won the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
01:54I developed a detector that replaces the current detectors
01:57that Homelnad Security has
01:59For hundreds of dollars
02:01I've developed a system that exceeds the sensitivity
02:03of detectors that are hundreds of thousands of dollars
02:06I built this in my garage
02:11And I've developed a system
02:12to produce medical isotopes
02:15Instead of requiring multi-million-dollar facilities
02:17I've developed a device that, on a very small scale
02:19can produce these isotopes
02:22So that's my fusion reactor in the background there
02:26That is me at the control panel
02:28of my fusion reactor
02:30Oh, by the way, I make yellowcake in my garage
02:34so my nuclear program is as advanced as the Iranians
02:37So maybe I don't want to admit to that
02:40This is me at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland
02:43which is the preeminent particle physics laboratory in the world
02:46And this is me with President Obama
02:48showing him my Homeland Security research
02:57So in about seven years
02:59of doing nuclear research
03:00I started out with a dream
03:02to make a "star in a jar", a star in my garage
03:05and I ended up meeting the president
03:07and developing things that I think can change the world
03:09and I think other kids can too
03:11So thank you very much


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