00:12Hey guys, I'm Wengie here. Welcome back to my chanel
00:14and today I'm doing The Power of Makeup video
00:17that was requested by you guys
00:18and I thought I pay homage to my original makeup obsession
00:22which was Japanese makeup
00:24I was literally obsessed with the makeup style back in high school
00:27and I love makeup so much because I think it's like an art
00:30with you as the canvas
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00:41So without further ado, let's have a look at The Power of Makeup
00:44So here's my bare face
00:46The circle lenses are literally the number one must-have makeup item
00:50They make your eyes so much bigger and brighter
00:53and it makes you look more awake
00:55Next I'm putting a CC Cream that brightens my complexion
00:58Usually a bright pinky tune skin color
01:01is the holy grail, so this really helps us
01:03get rid of any sallowness or yellowness in our skin
01:07Cushion foundations are also all the rage right now
01:10and I'm popping on my favorite and patting it in
01:12The sponge compact is incredibly handy for touch-ups
01:17Next I'm only applying concealer on areas where it is needed
01:20sparingly and lightly
01:24Using a brow pencil, I'm filling in my brow shape
01:26Right now, a slightly angular, natural shaped brow is really popular in Asia
01:31However, the straight brow is always a classic favorite as well
01:36Eyebrow mascara is a must to neaten and change the hair colors of your brows
01:41because a lot of asian girls dye their different colors
01:44and usually that means brows need to be lighter than our natural hair color
01:48This is a double eyelid strip
01:49It can come in stickers as well
01:51It's really an optional step and if you wanna make your lid
01:54creases lager or create one when you don't have one
01:57this is a must-have item
02:00It can make your eyes look a lot larger after even putting makeup on
02:04Simple and shimmery eye shadow is applied all over the lid
02:07Lots of all asian girls just use the applicator sponge to apply the eye shadow
02:12as we do a little blending and we usually apply very simple eye looks
02:15I'm applying a secondary orange color to the outer corner
02:19and also dark brown along the crease to emphasize the crease
02:23and then I'm using the shop little sponge that I got
02:27in my kit supplied dark brown eyeshadow
02:30along my lashline extending out
02:32and also in the lower corners of my eyes
02:34and joining them in a point
02:36This creates a longer eye and adds a lot more definition
02:40Using an eyeliner, I'm just lining my lids extending out in a natural curve
02:44Pen liners are by far the most popular eyeliner type in Asia
02:49We usually like to create an eyeliner that is more natural shaped
02:52with just a slight wing at the end
02:56Curing your eyelashes are a must because usually our eyelashes face downwards
03:00and also applying mascara to really make our eyes look more awake
03:08Now for the most crucial step which is the false lashes and seriously
03:11you haven't seen the power of asian makeup
03:13until you've seen the power of lower lashes
03:16They are literally an eye opener
03:18It can look so natural in pictures as well and it
03:21seriously, just make your eyes look 50% bigger
03:24like, I am amazed even though I've seen this before
03:27I'm still amazed by it's ... doing what it's doing on my face
03:30Now to finish up, I'm gonna contour my nose, jawline and forehead
03:34Usually we avoid doing the shape cheekbone look
03:37'cause it's too fierce and sexy for this cute style of makeup
03:41In fact, bright pink or pitch blush is applied just to the apples of the cheeks
03:45and this is a really popular look
03:47because it just makes you look super cute and youthful
03:50and a lot of B Blush is applied quite high up on the cheekbones as well
03:55Finish off with a peachy or pinky color and gloss
03:59And we're done! The Power of Makeup!
04:01What do you guys think?
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04:09It means you watched the whole thing
04:10If you can take a few seconds to give me thumbs-up
04:13I would really appreciate it
04:15It makes my day, it really, really does
04:17I love you guys so so so so much
04:20and I'll see you guys in my next video in a couple of days, Bye


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