00:06Hi, I'm Francis
00:07the host of this show, Cooking with dogs
00:22First, beat the 5 egg yolks in a bowl
00:29Add the sugar
00:31and dissolve it completely
00:39Add the vegetable oil
00:44and mix
00:48Then, add the milk
00:51and combine the mixture well
01:04Now, sieve the flour once more
01:06into the bowl of the egg mixture
01:12With a balloon whisk, mix in the flour
01:18Avoid any pockets of dry flour
01:20and give the batter a smooth texture
01:29Now, let's make the meringue
01:31Lightly beat the 6 egg whites in a bowl
01:37Add one third of the sugar
01:44Continue to beat and add another third
01:50Then, add the rest of the sugar
01:54The egg white should begin to have a glossy texture
01:58When the meringue is created,
02:01slow down the hand mixer
02:02and break the relatively large bubbles into foam
02:11Beat the meringue until it reaches a stiff peak stage
02:19Now, add one third of the meringue to the batter
02:23And thoroughly fold it in
02:26This will make the batter slightly soft
02:28and help to combine the rest of the meringue
02:35Add the rest of the meringue
02:39And quickly fold in the batter again
02:41but avoid breaking the foam
02:43to create a light and fluffy cake
02:48Now, the batter is ready
02:52Pour the batter into the angel food cake pan
02:56Avoid coating the pan with butter or any oil
02:59If the pan and the cake are not firmly attached together
03:03the cake is less likely to hold its height
03:07Mix the batter with bamboo sticks
03:09to remove any pockets of air inside
03:12otherwise they will puff up
03:14and create hollows in the cake
03:19Additionally, drop the cake pan onto a flat surface
03:23several times to remove the remaining air
03:28Before making the batter,
03:29make sure to preheat the oven to 170'C
03:36Place the pan into the oven
03:39and bake at 170'C for about 50 minutes
03:48Now, it is ready
03:52Remove the cake pan from the oven
03:56Flip the cake over
03:58and place it onto a cooling rack
04:05Now, the chiffon cake is completely cooled
04:09Insert an icing spatula between the cake and the pan
04:14Slide the spatula along the edge
04:22Likewise, using a small icing spatula
04:26detach the cake from the center of the pan
04:32Flip the cake pan over
04:36and gently remove the side of the pan
04:45Run the spatula along the bottom
04:52Flip it over again
04:54and carefully remove the bottom of the pan
05:00Place the whole chiffon cake onto a plate
05:05Cut a piece of cake
05:09And place it onto a plate
05:11along with the blueberries and whipped cream
05:16Finally, sprinkle on the icing sugar
05:21Two tips to making chiffon cake successfully are
05:24creating the perfect meringue with a stiff consistency
05:28and removing any pockets of air in the batter
05:40Oven safe paper angel food cake pans are also available
05:44If you don't have a large angel food cake pan
05:47use the paper pans or muffin cups instead
05:51Good luck in the kitchen


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