デザートイーグル解説 @ サドンアタックLv4

00:00Hello and welcome to the Sudden Attack with good going
00:03and today I will be playing at
00:05observer so I will be purchasing one of these pistols
00:08as you can right here these pistols as you can see right here
00:10so I think I'll
00:11buy myself a desert eagle
00:12since I've not use it for really long time now
00:15and there it is in the inventory
00:17so let me get started now
00:19alright let's see how well I can do but
00:21I'm not sure so alright
00:23currently winning as you can see
00:25so I would like to mention that everytime when I get a new subscriber I will
00:29try my best to make as many videos as possible
00:33let's see do I get the first kill?
00:35Nope, I didn't get it but it's alright
00:38let me go.. op!
00:40oh I might die right here so got to be careful
00:42op! there's somebody holding an AK47
00:47op! wow, I didn't manage to kill anyone
00:48desert eagle doesn't seem to be effective in killing your enemies
00:51event thought its fire power is 50%
00:54I'm not sure so .. alright
00:57that's a misfortune for me
01:00let me .. op someone
01:02Gotta be careful, I'm gonna die real soon
01:04Got to reload right here
01:05well get going
01:08Ahh! my accuracy is really low right now
01:11and I died again okay, it looks like we are going to lose so unfortunately
01:16and I haven't killed anyone so that's a disgrace once again
01:22oh my goodness just 7 bullets
01:25That guy stole my kill
01:27and we lost wow unbelievable
01:30this is just disgraceful
01:32alright! So today I will be playing at warehouse once again
01:37and I hope I don't do terribly anymore yup
01:40and my crosshair is number four as you can see, I think it's not bad
01:44and I haven't killed anyone, think I'll pick this.. hold on
01:49aah~ come on you really got to be kidding me
01:51I could do better using C.USP, come on! what on earth?
02:01uh, finally one kill wow
02:03that took me like a few minutes to get that kill
02:07and I think my, my sensitivity is a bit too high
02:11so I'll tune it down a little bit
02:18that was lucky for me
02:22oh, hold on someone right here
02:25warehouse is a classic map
02:27most loved by players from
02:30who plays Sudden Attack
02:34oh nice one
02:35and that's a double kill wow
02:37my ammo is quite low right now but that's alright I'm gonna die anyway
02:41op, two left, I've gotta pick someone's pistol up
02:44and there you go, a magnum
02:47I don't think it's very good
02:49but I can still get some kill
02:53my goodness my accuracy sucks seriously
02:58kind of but yeah I think it's better to have
03:02sensitivity while playing pistol so you're
03:05your mouse doesn't move too much
03:07and you can get better accuracy from it
03:10someone right here
03:13shoot it
03:14Hold on, I'm dying. I'm dying and dang it
03:18you know what I realized between Sudden Attack and BlackShot?
03:22people who plays BlackShot are actually
03:24more experienced and they .. they can
03:28they have higher kill/death rate
03:30so it makes them more harder to kill
03:32then people who play Sudden Attack yup, oh right here
03:37oh that's a nice headshot with one bullet cool and let's see
03:43I've always wanted to make a pistol match gameplay so
03:48hold on, ah.. Dying
03:49and died, alright thankfully the game actually ends
03:52after the kill reaches one hundred
03:54and it's currently sixty as you can see
03:56so another forty more kills
03:58from my team and
04:01enemy right here
04:02and got one right there
04:04he's gonna kill me damn it .. that hurts, you gonna
04:09well I wasn't able to take him down
04:10but it's alright and there's another life
04:12and let me go forward right here
04:17warehouse was the first map I ever played in Sudden Attack
04:19if I'm not wrong
04:20but my comp unfortunately mu computer
04:23keeps hanging
04:25as in crashing you know
04:27let me kill you, there you go, woah, fall back
04:32enemy's right here and he headshot me
04:34that wasn't very nice but it's alright
04:37well I thought that was my enemy so
04:40I wanted to but myself a santa girl or something
04:43oh got that kill, nice one
04:45not too bad right now
04:47I can get more kills if I want to
04:50and right here, double kill
04:53that's a multi but it's not mine
05:00troll you nice one
05:03there you go nice one
05:06there you go again
05:09could've gotten a multi kill but that's alright that, that was epic
05:12this is really a fun match for me
05:14and I appreciate it a lot, alright let me go forward
05:19not my kill
05:21desert eagle is pretty darn sweet weapon
05:23and my HP is left with 40
05:26died right here and I didn't kill anyone so it's
05:28and the game is almost coming to an end real soon
05:32just a short gameplay and let me get 20 kills, I hope so
05:38oh actually I do get 20 kills before the game ends and so that's
05:41pretty fine with me
05:43alright let me wait for the respawn without pausing so since the game is ending
05:50and linking m video as well as commenting
05:50so thanks so much for subscribing
05:52and linking m video as well as commenting
05:54and I got one more kill right there
05:55before the game actually ends
05:58and oh I got the last kill
06:00incredible but I'm not MVP obviously cause someone actually got
06:04higher score than me
06:07and let me check my kill and deaths almost sixty percent as you can see the progression
06:12alright so have a nice day everyone thanks so much watching and see ya


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