Part2 | Call of Duty MW2とメタルギアソリッドLv4

00:09It was supposed to be a standard mission. Get in. Get out. Get paid
00:13Now my men are dead, and I'm all that left
00:17ActivistSun is proud to announce our aquisition of Outer Heaven!
00:22Liquid and Makarov are creating a new weapon
00:28Makarov, Liquid, we are all just pawns
00:30Then who's holding the pieces
00:32Ghost worked with Infinity War
00:34He could be a valuable asset to your mission
00:48Hold position
00:49Oy! Oy! Snake! Damn
01:00Taking the shot in 3, 2, 1
01:04Tango down
01:10This one's mine
01:25What the?
01:32Snake here
01:33Snake, it's Otacon
01:36What's going onnnn?
01:37Same old, same old
01:39That cool. hey, do you think Naomi likes me?
01:44I don't know
01:46I really like her
01:48But I don't know if she still has feeling for Vamp
01:51I mean, she still has pictures of him on her Facebook
01:55I better go. I'll call you later
01:57Yeah, sure you will
01:59hang up Otacon
02:01You hang up first
02:07I can still hear you breathing
02:08Can we please get on with it?
02:10huh? What?
02:16Come on mate, we're oscar mike
02:23Nice shot
02:31Wait, what's that?
02:33Do you hear something?
02:38oh crap, RUN!
02:41Coming through!
02:56oh, sorry
02:58Well, I'm empty
03:00What do we do now?
03:02I have an idea
03:06You have got to be kidding
03:08Come on, get in!
03:09No, no. I'm not falling for that one again
03:12Look, I don't like it any more than you do. But this is the only way
03:17Ghost, get in my box
03:20Honestly, I'd rather be shot. Cheers
03:38Sir, Ghost and Solid Snake have infiltrated the compound
03:40Our security team made contact, but failed to neutralize the threat
03:46What are your orders, sir
03:48Fire them, fire them all!
03:53Where's Modern Gear?
03:54Snake, it's right behind you
04:04Show me what you've got, Snake!
04:17That is getting really annoying
04:21Well, I'm all out of guns. What's next?
04:27OK, that's a little weird. But, Let's Go!
05:32What the
05:34GROSS! Get it off!
05:42You trying to headbutt me? You trying to headbutt a footballer!
05:50Where's Modern Gear?
05:56You're pretty good, Ghost.
05:59Who killed my mates?
06:01Piss off!
06:02Wrong Answer
06:07The boss is arming Modern Gear as we speak
06:12What boss?
06:14The name is Bobby Kotick avich
06:24That's not normal
06:28Otacon. The name is Bobby Kotick-avich
06:39Now I've got a name and mission




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