Part3 | Call of Duty MW2とメタルギアソリッドLv4

00:06It was supposed to be a standard mission. Get in. Get out. Get paid
00:09Now my men are dead
00:11Who killed my mates?
00:14The name is Bobby Kotickovich!
00:17ActivistSun is proud to announce our acquisition of Outer Heaven
00:22Liquid and Makarov are creating a new weapon
00:25Modern Gear!
00:28The boss is arming Modern Gear as we speak
01:04Sorry it's taken so long
01:07But I've finally found him
01:08That bastard who betrayed us
01:10His name is Bobby Kotickovich
01:14Isn't he that guy that clubs baby seals?
01:16Well, yes, but he's also the head of ActivistSun
01:19A powerful shadow military
01:21And it's our job to bring them to light
01:24Kotickovich has stayed one step ahead of us
01:26But we've tracked him down
01:27It wasn't hard to follow the trail of bodies
01:31We believe he's using this abandoned arms depot to launch his new weapon
01:34Modern Gear
01:36once Modern Gear is finished, Kotickovich will be unstoppable
01:39We have to face reality
01:42It's unlikely that you'll be coming back from this mission
01:45But when they speak of this moment
01:47It won't be us that stood idly by while Kotickovich destroys everything we stand for
01:53Snake. Ghost
01:56The fate of world is in your hands now
01:58I won't stop until I've brought that bastard down
02:01I swear it
02:03You will be avenged
02:05No matter what the cost
02:08Even if I have to sacrifice everything
02:10We're not sending you in empty handed
02:13We've been working on some new gear for you
02:17Whoah, what is it?
02:18I hope it's a puppy. I'm gonna name it Solid Dog
02:22Oh yeah, nice one brother!
02:29Sweet! Thanks Naomi!
02:33We got something for you too, Ghost
02:35Oh thanks mate, you shouldn't have
02:42It's a bit small, in it?
02:50I thought they'd go well with your mask
02:54Well, try them on!
03:02This may be a suicide mission
03:05But the world will remember us for this
03:09We will kill him!
03:17In position
03:20Don't you just love this weather?
03:23Make's you feel good to be alive
03:27hey, what is that?
03:34it's just a box
03:35What's it doing out here?
03:37Beats me
03:39Did you order anything?
03:46Hey, you cardboard son of a
03:51Sleepy time
03:53Moving out
03:58Got you covered
04:02Let's go
04:06Watch your corners. Kotickovich could be anywhere
04:10I'm gonna kick his puny ass
04:17Do you hear something?
04:25Holy shit. What is that?
04:28Modern Gear
04:31Oh, this was a bad idea
04:36Well well well, look what we have here!
04:40Snake and Ghost!
04:43We have some unfinished business, you and I, Ghost
04:46Right, I forgot to send you back to hell
04:52Seriously, is that it?
04:54Is that all you got? My turn!
04:59How do you not see him?
05:07Where are you going, Ghost?
05:19Oh crap! Crap, crap!
05:24Oy, toaster oven! Where's my pop-tarts?
05:27Hey, that's not my name
05:35Die already!
05:38Stop hiding, Ghost
05:40Oh no. Damn it
05:44This is not gonna work
05:47Oh crap oh crap oh crap
05:56Oh this is not fair
06:01Come on Ghost!
06:05No. It can't end like this
06:19Ghost! Come out and play
06:22I'm gonna finish what I started with your team
06:38What's this?
06:47Oh yeah!
07:03It's been a long time, old friend




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