Part4 | Call of Duty MW2とメタルギアソリッドLv4

00:06Liquid and Makarov are creating a new weapon
00:09Modern Gear!
00:11Who killed my mates?
00:13The name is Bobby Kotickovich
00:17Holy BLEEP! What is that?
00:18Modern Gear
00:20Snake and Ghost
00:27It's been a long time, old friend
00:42Initializing METAL WARFARE
00:45Alright. Here we go. Here we go. OK
00:50Hurry up, let's go! Let's go!
01:00Alright, how do I work this?
01:04robot, activate!
01:06Turn on
01:07Autobots roll out
01:10Voltron assemble
01:14Oh wait. What's this?
01:17If I can just
01:22oh, that's not good
01:29Oh great, this is fantastic
01:32Yeah, brilliant
01:34This was a great idea
01:37Yeah, that's exactly what I need
01:41It's been a long time, old friend
01:45John, what are you doing here?
01:49You haven't heard?
01:50I work for ActivistSun now
01:52No! You're better than that, John! You're a hero
01:56Your age of heroes is over snake
01:59Now drop the gun
02:02You drop yours
02:03I'm serious, Snake
02:05I asked you first
02:06I'm not playing around, wait!
02:08No you didn't!
02:10Oh yeah. Just keep spinning
02:13Yeah, that's fantastic
02:16Oh come on you metal bastard
02:19Quick, before Bobby Kotickovich
02:24Drop the weapons, Snake
02:26I can't do that
02:27Yes you can
02:29Physics says, if you let go it will simply fall
02:31No! I mean, I understand that
02:34I can't do that because I have a mission to do
02:36Think about it, Snake. Only one of us is wearing bulletproof armor
02:40Yeah, but these are Really big bullets
02:45Then take you best shot
02:47John, don't do this
02:49Just shoot already
02:55I can't
03:03Now kick it over here
03:10That's heavy..
03:14Come on
03:16I knew I shouldn't leave my toys laying around
03:19Oh great, I'm gonna die in a bloody spinning teacup
03:23Goodbye Ghost
03:29Oh, well at least I stopped spinning
03:34Oh yeah. Here we go. Thank you for doing that
03:37That's very, very helpful at this point. Thank you
03:44Keep moving, Snake
03:46I don't want to have to shoot you
03:49So john, you've been with the Spartans for what, 10 years now?
03:54I figured an expert like you would know better
03:57Leaving the safety on is a rookie mistake
03:59Nice try, Snake. I'm not falling for that one
04:14Fine. Let's get this over with
04:18Oh I always knew it would end just like this
04:26Where the hell are you, Snake?
04:39Snake here
04:41Snake! I'm in a big robot! There's another big robot kicking my ass
04:45Got any ideas?
04:49that's sounds like an Otacon question
04:58I gotta go, Ghost
05:01Where were we?
05:06Oh no! A triceratops!
05:10Otacon, save me!
05:15Snake, I've got this
05:20Oh Otacon. You saved me again
05:24Just put it on my tab
05:27Oh Otacon, you saved me too
05:30Oh Ariel. I liked you better with the tail
05:33But whatever, Let's ride
05:35Oh Otacon, thank you
05:39is this a bad time, mate?
05:42Ghost? How did you get this number?
05:46I can call back later, but I got this big robot situation
05:51Probably gonna die
05:52I was just, running some simulations
05:55Hey! I recognize that cockpit! Ghost, you're in METAL WARFARE
05:59Wait, you know what this thing is?
06:01I should. I designed it
06:03That was before it was stolen by the military. It's actually a funny story
06:06See, I was 14 at the time, and I just got a new puppy
06:08Otacon! Big robot! shooting at me
06:11Oh right. I'll tell you later
06:12Metal Warfare. Voice authorization Otaku 69
06:15Reset automatic controls. Primary target is Modern Gear
06:25Oh hell yeah
06:31Alright kotickovich. Let's go
06:49I thought you'd be better
06:52How disappointing
07:08Oh my nose
07:26Where am I?
07:30Who's there?
07:32Don't you remember me, Solid Son?
07:36Big Boss
07:38Call me Naked Snake
07:41Let's just stick to Big Boss
07:44Suit yourself
07:46Hey, wasn't I just fighting Master Chief?
07:50Fighting? More like losing
07:53Hey, didn't you see me elbow that guy's punch?
08:00And then look a penguin!
08:02Grab the gun! Around the back! Turn around! Over the shoulder
08:18Bet you couldn't have done that
08:19You're right. I can't believe the chief beat you
08:23Wait. Did I die?
08:30You're not dead. This is just your subconscious
08:34Everybody you care about is here
08:37Hey, Snake
08:39Go way Otacon
08:41Sorry Naomi. What were you saying?
08:44Remember what I told you
08:48The fate of the world rests in your hands
09:06What happened?
09:13Just finish it, Snake. I can't live like this any more
09:18Put me out of my misery. Finish it
09:27What? Why?
09:30We can't do this alone
09:37Out of the way
09:38Move in, Move in. We have eyes on tango


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