Part1 | マリオウォーウェアLv3

00:26Load Bowser, our spies believe the King is still within the palace walls
00:30As well as the princess
00:32And what of her bodyguard?
00:35We have a score settle. Leave him to me
00:39Very well. Let the invasion begin!
00:45Command we have a red alert
00:48Secure the roof
00:50Overwatch in place
00:54Rooftop secure
00:59Move out
01:03Clear. Eastwing secure
01:06Guard is down
01:08They're somewhere here. Smoke them out
01:10It's Bravo Team
01:11Something doesn't feel right here
01:13There should be more guys to shoot
01:15What if it's a trap? Oh, you think everything's trap
01:20Oh shit, it's Toad
01:31Your Majesty. Princess. Let's go
01:37Stay close
01:50Wait wait wait! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
01:54Your majesty, we're completely surrounded
01:59I don't see another option but surrender
02:04Toad, is there another escape route?
02:11There's a ventilation pipe at the end of the maintenance hall
02:15but it's too small for a man to fit through
02:19Princess, I need you to go with Toad now
02:24No, dad I'm not gonna leave you
02:28My beautiful daughter, sometimes a princess has to do what is right for her kingdom
02:35as does a king
02:40This has been in out family for generations
02:45As long as you wear it
02:48I will be with you
02:51keeping you safe
02:52Then you keep it, you stay safe
02:57I love you my daughter. Never forget that
03:08It's been my greatest honor to serve with you
03:12Princess we need to go. Come on
03:16Princess, let's go. Run!
03:22Your orders sire?
03:24We know what Bowser does with prisoners
03:28We won't be giving him any
03:31We fight to the end
03:36For the kingdom
03:41Still no sign of the target
03:43Browser's gonna be pissed
03:46Bill's coming down
03:48Aw crap, that's just what we need
04:05Tell me where the girl is and I might let you live
04:08OK, you can go
04:11Princess, come on
04:13I have an idea
04:40Alright. Off you go, Princess
04:50What's going to happen to you?
04:52Don't worry about me Princess
04:54Just get to the end of the pipe and keep going
04:56Don't let anyone know who you are
04:59If I get out of here alive, I'll find you. I promise
05:02Now go
05:16Now there won't be any question of who's the fastest gun in the mushroom kingdom
05:21There never was
06:40You never did know when to quit, Toad
06:45Not so fast
06:52This is from the Princess
07:55Reserve forces are setting up checkpoints in Mashroom city as troops gather at the border
08:00We will continue to bring you news as Bowser's agression
08:03Move closer and closer to the Mushroom Kingdom
08:08This war, it's bad for business
08:12We should be out there, fighting
08:15With what, our plungers?
08:16No no, we should join the army
08:19I mean, haven't you ever every wanted to be anything more than a plumber?
08:23Hey! I'm proud of being a plumber
08:25I mean, somebody's gotta fix these toilets
08:27You don't get it, do you, Mario?
08:29If Bowser wins this war, there won't be any toilets left to fix
08:37Look. There ain't nothing wrong with being plumbers
08:41but this is our change to be heroes
08:53Private Mario! Private Luigi
08:55Command has seen fit to send you on a special mission
09:09People of the Mushroom Kingdom


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