00:00hey everyone welcome to my channel
00:02Today gonna be showing you how to apply eye shadow perfectly
00:04This is going to be a beginner and it's also good
00:07and if you've been having some problems
00:08I hope you guys like it became anything of having
00:11get a makeup you think of blending and having good blending brushes
00:13and this is so important but was also really important is how you hold them
00:17if you ever feel like I should have turned out really patchy try not holding it close
00:21to the bristles a guarantee you're holding in a little bit too close to the feral
00:24and this is going to make your, I should return a little bit patchy
00:27because you have too much control when you hold it from the tip of the handle
00:30you're gonna have a lot less control which sounds like a bad thing
00:33but it actually gives you a softer more airbrushed blood
00:34so keep that in mind as you watch this tutorial
00:37the first thing we need to do is take away any of the little street
00:40here is like my hair grow so fast they do this all the time and taking some
00:43thread and unjust threading is away really simple and this is going to make
00:47that eyeshadow look so much smoother you don't want to put texture over texture
00:51it just doesn't look good
01:02to make all of the colors pop and to keep my eyebrow looking really really clean
01:06I'm gonna clean it up with some concealer underneath the brow
01:09and taking a flat brush and some concealer
01:11and I'm pulling this underneath and then all over the limit
01:24if you could look at it really really close
01:27intentions and super fine lines which make shadow blending really really difficult
01:31so I recommend to your skin tone patter and sending your primary
01:35not only does that make your eyeshadow easier to plan
01:38but it also creates a really really smooth looking base
01:40and I'm gonna take my first eyeshadow start applying this to the area
01:43where you would see if my eye was open
01:44this is like above the crease and this is called a transition shade
01:48basically it's going to create a gradient in your eyeshadow look
01:50and make everything look a little more natural than just having color on the lid
01:55I want to keep the inner corners of my eye break
01:57that's like a really universally flattering look
01:59so I'm gonna take some late eyeshadow and just play set there for safety
02:02so that some of the dark shadow doesn't start to transfer towards
02:05inner area. now you can start working on the outer corner of your eye
02:08and this is where the darkest shadows should go when I want to pack on color really well
02:12I hold the brush really close to the bristles that we get from control
02:16and able to just like really push it on and then when they blend
02:18I always like to hold it a little bit further away to get less control
02:22and more airbrushed look
02:24now we gonna take a blending brush in the real estate putting the color towards the middle area of my eye
02:28and then towards the outer area just to get rid of any of the lines
02:30are created with my brush earlier
02:33and then once its all blended
02:34I'm gonna start taking a little bit more color and packing it on
02:37just intensify the look and you of course you can keep going
02:40until you like the drama that you see
02:45that later eyeshadow has really settled into my skin so putting a second layer
02:49is gonna make it really really intense
02:51I'm also not apply this to my brow bone
02:52and hen a little bit until everything look seamless
02:58to finish off this look you can always and false lashes
03:01if you're feeling frisky or if you just want to add masucara
03:04that's fine too maybe some eyeliner
03:06It's all up to you and this is a really universal look you can wear it daytime
03:09nighttime intensify the colors which the colors up
03:12and it just looks so beautiful every time
03:14so I hope you guys try this technique and enjoy these tips by


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