全てをHackするアプリ(Amazing Street Hack)Lv4

00:01The following video was made with real customers, thanks to hidden cameras
00:06Hello, and welcome to my shop
00:08Today, when a customer comes to fix his telephone
00:12I'll put something very special on it
00:14An amazing gift
00:15And we have hidden cameras inside the store and outside on the streets
00:18So we see how they react
00:21But first, we wait for customers to come
00:34Hello. Hi, there's something wrong with my phone
00:37it keeps freezing
00:38I've just bought this phone and there is something wrong with the sound
00:40I'll take a look at it. ( Thank you )
00:49OK my friend, it was just a little problem, but it works fine
00:52It's fixed
00:53Also, I put a special application for you on this phone
00:58Free of charge, ok? You look like a nice guy
01:00Because you are a nice lady
01:01Beautiful couple
01:02Oh, thank you. No worries
01:03It's a special gift from me to you
01:04It sounds cool. Do you want to see how it works?
01:07OK. I show you. You see the light?
01:10OK. now look
01:12Oh my god. Light off
01:14You can be romantic, when you're together
01:16And if you've finished, you can put light back on, like this
01:19No. Yeah, it works
01:21Nice, yeah? Love it, man
01:23Also, it works outside. (Really?)
01:25Yeah. You want to see?
01:28Don't worry, I'll show you. (That's a pretty good app)
01:30You see the street light? (Yeah)
01:31Same principle. Again, I hack
01:35Light out. (Oh shit. Oh!)
01:38That's amazing. (You like that?)
01:39That's like the best app ever
01:40I put it back on
01:42Do you love cars? (I love cars, yeah)
01:45Ok. here
01:47Here you go. (Is that your car?)
01:48It's not my car
01:50But it's open. (Oh my god)
01:51You like? (sure)
01:51It works with every car. Come, I'll show you
01:54Before people see us
01:55Let's open them. Let's open all of them! (I'll show you)
01:57OK. same principle
01:59Here we go. All the cars are open
02:05You can have any car
02:06OK. come, come, before people look at us
02:09I like it. (OK. it can do more)
02:11It works with ATM. Look
02:12If I do this... You see that?
02:17Come, come. Why wait? Look. everyone taking
02:20Show me the money
02:21My friend, I tell you. It's a special gift, ok? (I want you to try)
02:24You see the traffic lights?
02:25I want you to try the application. When I count to three, you press the button
02:28One, Two, Three, Hack it
02:31It's green. (Oh, nice)
02:33So you can do traffic lights, you can do camera
02:35You can.. oh! Oh my god
02:51(I did?) You did that. You see? (I didn't do that)
02:54I told you to aim at that traffic light, you aimed at the other one
02:57Don't run. You have the money? Put it away
02:59You have the money? (It's gone, yeah)
03:02Don't worry, I'll handle it, okay?
03:04Officer, this car crashed
03:06Because this woman. (What?)
03:08This man. (This man?)
03:09He do all these problems
03:12What did you do?
03:12He steals the telephone from my store
03:15We didn't steal any phone. He was actually showing us the phone
03:18He's a hacker. He hacked into the system. (With what?)
03:21He uses his phone.( With his phone?)
03:24Can I see your phone? Your phone
03:27I, I don't understand
03:29He hacks into every system, I tell you. He can speak english this one
03:32My english... (You English?) not good
03:35Hand me the phone, Sir
03:37What is this?
03:39How did you do that, Sir? (Ask him)
03:41He gave, he gave me the app.( I gave you nothing)
03:43Do you honestly think a phone can do this? Really?
03:47You've just experienced what you can do in the upcoming video game Watchdogs
03:52Wow, Watchdogs
03:55That's amazing. Yeah
04:03That was amazing. That was amazing.
04:07It would be cool to live in a world like that.


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