短編アニメ『Zero』 ストップモーションアニメLv4

00:13We're all born of the same matter
00:16However, we're not all born equal
00:22Who will you be? What will you become?
00:28Some people are born to be leaders, effective great change amongst their people
00:34Others are born into mediocrity, living unremarkable lives
00:38But for some
00:40Life will be a constant battle offering zero opportunities
01:00So how can nothing be something?
01:16School was the only place where Zero received attention
01:21He learnt important life lessons like his value in society
01:25And that it was forbidden for his denomination to multiply
02:07Sometimes Zero was made to feel like a much larger number
02:31But the children only wanted to remind him that a zero is a zero no matter which way you face
03:05As Zero grew into an adult, he walked a lonely path
03:29Despite his numerical shortcomings, Zero felt he had something to offer
03:50Zero never allowed bad situations to get him down
03:55He didn't want to be a negative number
05:42It wasn't the first time Zero awoke with a battered and bruised body
05:47But this time was different
06:29For the first time Zero felt unaware of this lowly number
06:34In the company of his new friend, he felt as important as a three
06:40Or even a four
06:48But the most wonderful sensation was the feeling of belonging
07:10A lifetime of loneliness faded into the past
07:18Along with the nation that their love was forbidden
08:08As the world continued without him
08:10Zero wondered how he could ever continue without his love?
10:28The newborn bore the mark of infinity
10:31The largest and most respected number the people had ever seen
10:41Zero knew that for a nothing
10:43He had created something truly magnificent


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