Part2 | マリオウォーウェアLv4

00:18Private Mario!
00:19Reporting for duty sir!
00:20Private Luigi!
00:22Ready to kick some Koopa Ass
00:24At 0500, Bowser's airships
00:24At 0500, Bowser's airships dropped two atomic bombs on Yoshi's Island
00:31Every Yoshi has surrendered unconditionally
00:34The Mushroom Kingdom is the last nation standing
00:36between Bowser and complete annihilation
00:41Make no mistake men
00:44Most of you will die in this war
00:47But we have a secret weapon more powerful than the whole Koopa Entire
00:53Our freedom (Oh yeah)
00:55Command has seen fit to send you on a special mission
01:00Gear up!
01:17Yeah, this sucks
01:19What are you talking about, Luigi?
01:21Look at us, the Mario Brothers
01:23fixing toilets in the Royal Palace
01:25This is every plumber's dream
01:28It's too bad pops can't see us now
01:29I didn't sign up to plunge toilets, I signed up to kill Koopas
01:33And here we are in the safest place in the Mushroom Kingdom
01:45It's about damn time
02:01Mario, you're gonna be OK! It's just a flash bang
02:05Drop the weapon, I said drop the - screw it
02:08You, bastards
02:10Put him in the track. He's going to the Brothers
02:14What do we do with this one?
02:15The Hammer Brothers said they only need one
02:18Waste him
02:22Sarge, Look out
02:33Mario, you've gotta get out of here
02:39Forget the toilets. They got your brother
02:43Luigi? Where?
02:46The Hammer Brothers
02:53Ugh, gross
03:07Well, well, look at you two ladies
03:10What, are you gonna give me a manicure?
03:16Look at the little camera. Isn't that cute?
03:19Oops. I'm sorry
03:20What is wrong with you?
03:22You're going to pay for that! Shut him up
03:24Did I hit your little
03:25Alright alright. I won't kick it over
03:29Would you stop that already!
03:30Shut up
03:38Look, they give me the creeps. That's all I'm saying
03:40Watch your mouth soldier, or you'll end up in their next video
03:44Look, I just want to finish this mission and get home
03:46These two shy girl. Well, they weren't so shy if you know what I mean
03:52Take this for second
04:10Aw come one! I'm ready for my close up
04:13Stop it
04:14Oh, my meatballs
04:15Stop laughing you idiot
04:17Action. People of the Mushroom Kingdom
04:20for too long we've felt the oppression of your boots upon our backs
04:22Boring! Guys, guys, guys
04:26I don't mean to tell you your business here, but this movie sucks
04:31Shut up! Don't use that part
04:36There he is! Get him!
04:38Wait wait wait
04:49Who's out there?
04:52It's me Mario
05:06Now you will all witness the fury of Bowser's Army
05:08Guys guys, What's my line again?
05:15I can still kick your ass with my other leg
05:37Game over, plumber
05:43Hold on, Luigi
05:46This man was foolish enough to defy us
05:49Now he will pay the ultimate price
05:52Down with the Mushroom Kingdom
05:53All glory to Bowser
05:57Hey! You picked the wrong plumber, pal
05:59Mario, lookout!
06:14Mario, stop messing around
06:18Oh! My meatballs
06:23I got him. I got him, Mario
06:26You get the other one
06:48Yeah, that's right
06:53Come on Luigi. I'm getting you out of here
06:55I was just about to kick their asses
06:57I know you were. Come on, let's go
07:00Luigi, come on
07:02I'm sorry brother. This was a one way ticket for me
07:06What are you talking about?
07:08I can't feel, I can't feel my balls
07:12I'm not leaving here without you
07:14Now you listen to me! You got to get out of here
07:17I ain't losing a brother today
07:20That makes two of us
08:08Hurry up, Mario. Can't you go any faster?
08:13Um, not so much jiggling. My balls
08:15I swear to got, Luigi. I swear to god
08:30Careful, Mario. This is Donkey Kong Country


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