Part4 | マリオウォーウェアLv5

00:06Now you will all witness the fury of Bowser's army
00:10I swore that no one would ever threaten my country again
00:14Teach me how to wage a war
00:16Captain, we found these two snooping around outside
00:19There's been shortage of new blood around here lately
00:21Welcome to Smash Club
00:32First rule of Smash Club is You Don't Talk About Smash Club
00:37Second rule of Smash Club is You DON't Talk About Smash Club
00:43The third rule is if it's your first at Smash Club, you have to brawl
00:50I think there's been a misunderstanding
00:51Come on Luigi, we're getting out of here
00:57Where do you think you're going?
00:58Your first night at Smash Club, you have to brawl
01:02Alright, fight's over
01:04Thanks guys. We'll see ourselves out
01:07Ha ha. You must be the guys that beat the Hammer Brothers
01:11Not bad or was it just luck?
01:16Let's see how well you do against a fighter like me
01:18Look, lady, we're really tired
01:22I think that's a dude, Mario
01:24What about the hair? And that skirt?
01:26It's a tunic!
01:27Mario, have an open mind
01:29I got 20 coins on Zelda
01:31Who said that?
01:32How many times do I have to tell you people?
01:34My name is Link!
01:39Mario, quit dodging
01:50I softened him up for you, Mario!
02:19Come on Mario, you can do it!
02:47It's over. We're through
02:51No! We're not done yet
02:54You haven't seen anything
02:57Get ready
03:34That was amazing, wasn't it?
03:36The way that I swept that guy
03:40Good fight Mario
03:43Here's your cut of the bets
03:46I'm his manager. I'll take that
03:49Mario, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
03:51Yeah. A few more fights, and we'll have enough coin to go home
03:55And restart out plumbing business
03:58Alright! Who's next?
07:15You have mastered the art of combat
07:17but it is dangerous to go alone
07:20You'll need an army
07:21But Bowser destroyed our military
07:24There is a place where the greatest brawlers gather to test their skills
07:29They've lost their homelands to Bowser
07:31Fighting is all they have left
07:34You'll need a new outfit
07:36You can't go there looking like a shuguy
07:39You'll need to gain their respect
07:43By doing the one thing the Smash Club respects above all else
07:47Alright, listen up
07:50A new challenger's appeared
07:52And he wants the plumber
07:58You will defeat their champion
08:21Where have I seen that girl before?


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あれ。。ゼルダ? スマブラの大乱闘ですね



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