CRAZY GAME! コールオブデューティ BlackOps2 ライブLv8

00:19That's right, guys
00:20Today I'm going to be jumping back on Black Ops 2 since so
00:22many of you guys requested it
00:24I ended up getting a crazy, crazy, score
00:27so make sure you're watching the whole thing
00:28Hopefully you really enjoy it
00:30On top of that I want to remind you guys there's only one day left to
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00:45So good luck to all of you
00:46Hope you enjoy the video
00:48Let's jump in some Black Ops 2
00:49Hello everyone and welcome
00:51Thank you for tuning in
00:52I decided to jump on some Black Ops 2 haven't played this game in a while
00:56and I see you guys requesting it
00:58i know you guys want me to play some Black Ops 2. So, I thought, you know what
01:01I'll fill in that request, play some Black Ops 2, and hopefully do as well as I can
01:06And I'm using, God, I can't even remember now
01:08Where is everyone?
01:09I was like are there people in this game?
01:11I'm using the sniper, the Ballista
01:15That has a nice sort of zoom in pace to it
01:18I like that
01:19But you got to aim pretty high on the body to get those one hit kills
01:23And I believe I'm using the comics camo
01:26Which I don't think I've actually had in a in a commentary before
01:30So hopefully you like the look of the like, like, the camo
01:35Three down
01:36But I'm being shot at by someone else
01:37They try to C4 me
01:38Not happening
01:39Two down
01:40Three down
01:41Let's go and I am playing some Kill Confirmed
01:44A mode that I really like in this game because actually getting the tags gives
01:47you a huge, huge boost, as this guy tries to chase me out
01:53I ain't having none of it
01:54gives you a huge boost in score to get your next score streak
01:58I love the point system in this game, man
02:00One of the greatest things about this game, hit marker, damn it, really?
02:07Oh, gosh, ooh, that's
02:08Oh baby, that's gone to me
02:10My VAST and my stealth chopper actually only have one
02:15offensive kill streak which is the stealth chopper
02:18The rest is a counter UAV and a Blackbird
02:20Counter UAV
02:21so I can sort of stay silent and the Blackbird because it's an absolute beast
02:25Or the, what, what is VAST. it's called in this game
02:29Blackbird I believe is the name that it's called in Black Ops 1, I think
02:33But I, I don't do much sniping live on this game
02:36But I was just saying, you know what, if you're going to jump on Black Ops 2
02:41I may as well start the day off with some sniping and see how I can get on
02:45We're not doing too badly
02:45My stealth chopper is going to work
02:47hey buddy, what are you guys doing?
02:52come on now, ten gun streak getting ourselves out merciless meadow
02:56Been interested to know from you guys actually
02:58If you've got Black Ops 2 and Ghost, do you ever go back and play some Black Ops 2?
03:03I found myself playing a lot of the older cool GT's
03:06Like, I honestly don't mind Ghost too much
03:09I know there are a lot of people who aren't massive
03:11aren't massive fans of Ghost, some people do really like Ghost, but recently
03:14like I think it's been such a long gap in between
03:20When the last sort of like, old games came out, like Modern Warfare 2 and stuff
03:23I feel I've just felt more of a need to go back and play them
03:27But you guys have been supporting all my old videos which is awesome
03:30I mean, sort of like old school juicy videos
03:32It's been a lot of fun doing that but I need to stop rambling
03:35My, my air support was doing all the work there
03:38This guy's lost
03:39I managed to pick up the kill
03:41Didn't quite get the tag deb but, but I'll give the tag to my teammate
03:45Why not?
03:46Trying to go for a cheeky jump shot but it didn't quite work out
03:49That did work out
03:50There's two more here
03:51Can I get a nice little feed?
03:53No, I suck
03:54I suck. That was bad
03:58Hit marker
03:59Look at al there tags
04:02So many tags, so little time
04:08I probably should not have challenged a sniper with an SMG at that range
04:12But I felt confident, you know, I felt confident
04:1715 streak
04:18Two. Oh, cattle
04:20Oh, three piece
04:21Thought I was going to get classy with that
04:23It was close
04:24Just called in my stealth drop in time
04:26I've got myself
04:27How many have I gotten?
04:28What the heck?
04:30I want to say I've gotten like three sets of streaks now
04:34I'm on a, I'm on a 15 gun streak though
04:36So doing pretty good
04:39Let's see if we can cut this guy off
04:41Oh man, not quite
04:43He's running
04:44He's afraid
04:46Oh, stealth chopper finishes him
04:47I thought, I thought I got a head shot there
04:49but no, it was the stealth chopper going in late
04:50This is a really large map
04:52Fun fact, I think I want to say this is the first ever multiplayer map
04:58That's my, all right, stealth chopper
05:00Just try and kill me
05:02Because I think I've got my fourth set of high streaks
05:04Oh, cheeky shot there
05:0620, we're on a 20 gun streak
05:09I've never got a sniper nuclear I don't think
05:12I've never gone for one to be honest
05:14But maybe, maybe we could
05:1721, any more coming around?
05:19Oh my, no, my Blackbird has literally just disappeared
05:22Literally, this is a bit
05:23This was actually the very first multiplayer map I ever played in
05:26Black Ops 2
05:27I play, I played multiplayer for the first time at Gamescom in Germany
05:31almost two years ago, which is crazy to think now
05:34Just gonna place down another stealth dropper because
05:37I've got another one
05:38And it was so fun, man
05:39I remember playing this, playing with the school street system for the first time
05:42That's just like going back to Modern Warfare
05:453 which was the latest game at the time
05:47It was so hard just because the score streak system was just so revolutionary at the time
05:52It was awesome
05:55Yeah, buddy
05:56Putting out a sniper
05:57Maybe a little bit too of a, too much of a close range there
05:59but I thought you know what, why not go for it
06:01We're on a big streak, you've got nothing to lose right now
06:04But there are some guys over there
06:05Not sure where they're at
06:06I'm going to focus on this dude
06:13Oh, no way
06:15Guys, we went on a crazy, I think we're on a like 22 or 23 gun streak
06:20If you'd gotten that guy, I think it would have been a 23
06:22And I think, you know what, I think there's two guys hiding in this little
06:25see this little area here
06:28They've, they've given up so much that they've just left
06:31That's a double kill for me
06:35Man, that could of been like a, okay, I wasn't using the sniper the whole time
06:39but a lot of the gun streaks were with the sniper
06:43Wasn't quite to be
06:43But guys, we are absolutely destroying our stealth chopper which is our only
06:48only offensive kill streak aside for the weapon we've actually got in our hand
06:52It's doing work
06:53I think we gout our fifth stealth chopper
06:57What's that dark guy doing?
06:58Sort of a dimed scorpion
06:59Thank you baby
07:00The scorpion is a great weapon in this game
07:03I was honestly like not amazing with it
07:06It's fantastic close range
07:08But any sort of longer distance
07:09Oh, it's getting overrun
07:1149 and two guns
07:14Wow. I assume it's at 25 KD right now
07:17At any longer distances a scorpion is just a, it was a tough beast to control
07:21Now I believe Kill Confirmed goes up to 65-ish on Ghosts
07:29Team, teammate knifing me
07:31Putting me off my, putting me off man, I couldn't see that, man
07:33Come on dude
07:35If I find him again I'll drop him a knife
07:37I'll drop him a hello knife
07:40I think it goes up to 65
07:42I can't remember what it goes up to in this game
07:45I think they changed it though
07:47Hopefully it's not too high, because our monentum is on point there, baby
07:52That guy left
07:52He rage quit
07:53I'm sorry dude
07:55I had to kill you, my friend
07:56I had to kill you
07:57All right. So we have lost our stealth chopper
07:58which means it's up to us to sort of like, oh no, it is in the air
08:01It's just not doing anything
08:04I'm, I'm talking bad about stealth chopper and it's like Ali, I'm right here
08:08Look at me, And he gets a double kill
08:11Hey buddy
08:13Almost killing me again bro
08:15Okay. We only have, wow, we've been playing for
08:17seven and a half minutes
08:19Guys, I guess as long as you guys always ask for long games
08:19Geez, it's been a long game
08:22I hope you guys don't mind too much
08:25We've both got a hit marker on each other
08:27Unlucky. We're both unlucky
08:29Now can I get myself
08:32Yes I can
08:34Nice little snipe there
08:35Oh, another guy upstairs
08:37Shall I challenge it or shall I wait?
08:39I'm going to wait it out and hope one of these guys pushes me
08:43Where is he?
08:44Looking in the complete wrong direction
08:45That gets us another stealth chopper
08:48Apologies if I'm wrong, but I think it's my sixth of the game which is absolutely mad
08:56Let's go baby
08:57Oh, he's already gone
08:59He's already down and out
09:01Didn't even realize that was, dude was gone
09:03What the? Is that my stealth chopper shooting at me?
09:07I don't even know
09:11Go back and have a look at that shot
09:13I'm 99% sure I hit the trigger on his head
09:15But you know what?
09:16If you don't want to give me the kill, I'm cool about it
09:19This map is definitely better suited for nine versus nine
09:23For Ground War basically
09:23For Ground War basically
09:24Hey C4, I forget about C4's, man
09:26C4s are so ridiculous in this game to be honest
09:29They're so, so good
09:31Oh, he's down and out
09:31Hey buddy, what's up
09:33Hello knife my friend
09:34Get a hello knife
09:36Forget Hello Kitty, we've got hello knife
09:40I think
09:42I don't want to jinx it, but I think I'm close to another streak
09:45I'm not sure if it's a low streak though or a high streak
09:48You know what?
09:50Whenever I say that word it's not me being serious
09:54Oh, wow
09:55What? 69 and four
09:57We are going absolutely in my friends
09:59Holy cow. Did not expect to jump on
10:02and get this kind of game for you guys
10:04I'm not going to lie
10:05Oh gosh. Is that an enemy in that?
10:09Wow. C4 damn it
10:11Almost got that sniper and that dude
10:12We've only got 30 seconds left of the game
10:16This has been. this has been a full ten minute game
10:17I guess the score is 100
10:19Yeah that's right they changed it on Black Ops 2 when the game sort
10:22of first came out
10:23They changed it to 100 score limit on kill confirmed
10:26Because it was a lot lower
10:28And they changed everything confirmed
10:30But they also made the change to the standard six versus six kill confirmed
10:34Wasn't really needed
10:35A bit unnecessary but it was done
10:39One more enemy down here
10:44Silly deaths at the end but guys 69 and six
10:4733 confirms my friend
10:50That was absolutely crazy
10:52Guys if you have enjoyed a little bit of sniping on Black Ops 2
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11:14Guys, I've hope you've enjoyed
11:15Make sure you're not forgetting about the control feed competition
11:17that's almost ending
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11:21And I'll see you guys next time


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