COD BO2 | スナイパーさんごめんよ。 ライブLv6

00:08Today has been a really fun day
00:10Went to Birmingham here in the UK
00:12Played some Advanced Warfare
00:14So for you guys that came along, it's been awesome
00:16I came back and played a little bit more Advanced Warfare at home
00:20and you know what, I'm actually gonna switch it up
00:23and play some classic
00:24Oh my
00:26Oh, get out of there
00:28How am I still alive?
00:31We're going back in
00:32Round two of this crazy room
00:34Is he? No, he's gone
00:36All right
00:37Crazy room of craziness
00:39On a side note, I wanna go back and play some old Call of Duties, ma'am
00:42I just like, sometimes, I get that urge to go back and do it
00:45So, maybe once a week, I'll post an old Call of Duty game
00:47and you guys can decide when I play
00:50I'm doing all right at the moment
00:52I've literally just made this PDW pass
00:54Like, I was using the MSMC, and it's like, you know what?
00:57I don't know why I used the MSMC so much back in the day
00:59I wasn't that good with it
01:02Like, especially at longer ranges
01:04So I picked up this PDW, and I was like, you know what?
01:06This PDW is sick, boy
01:08This is the gun I should be using
01:10And I've also put stock on it on a ten kill streak
01:13and we've got the stealth drop
01:15Things are going well, ma'am
01:16Things are going well
01:19Normally aI don't use this, this stock on SMGs, but it's just working
01:23It seems to be working right now
01:25Dude, this is sniper heaven
01:29Boys, there's quarter feed
01:30What? Only three?
01:31No, someone split my feed
01:33Dude, 15
01:35Why's there so many freaking snipers, dude?
01:41Don't get stuck in that room, it's filled
01:43That room is filled to the brim!
01:45Dude watch out
01:46Watch out
01:48Nice jumper
01:50Oh, no
01:54Wow 20
01:55Holy cow
01:56When did that happen?
01:57Jeepers! 20kills you got, boys
01:59Under two minutes, that's pretty insane
02:01wow, okay so
02:03This game appears to be filled with snipers
02:07that's the case
02:09No there's , there's a lot of people in Black Ops 2 that like to snipe
02:11I did, I do think I saw something in the kill feed that wasn't sniping
02:14you'll be happy to know
02:15So, there are normal
02:20Oh, I thought it was gonna be another quarter feed again
02:21I was like, let's just check the shit out right, right here
02:25Oh gosh, do not want to explode that
02:29Oh my gosh!
02:29Get out of there!
02:31How am I living, man?
02:32How am I actually living right now?
02:34Let's go
02:35Take that. Cheeky. cheeky, cheeky
02:38Now, will that go through and get, yep
02:41That's a triple kill
02:43Holy cow. This is madness
02:45I actually can't keep up man
02:47I actually can't keep up
02:49You know what I wanna do? I'm wanna flank these guys
02:54I didn't think so
02:55I've got another stealth chopper
02:56I want to go for the
02:5834 and one
03:00I don't even know what just happened there
03:03I came in fighting
03:04So quick
03:06Wow. okay. I guess that was just destruction of the poor snipers on the other team
03:11At least, I didn't get sniped once
03:13I thought I was just gonna, especially when I was pushing in
03:16I thought I was just gonna get sniped in the face at least once
03:18But guys, do you prefer me to go back and play maybe once a week, let me know
03:23Maybe Ghosts?
03:24Maybe Call of Duty 4?
03:24Maybe World at War?
03:25Let me know. Leave a comment
03:26down by the comments section letting me know which game I should go back and play
03:29Hope you've enjoyed a little bit of throwback, Black Ops 2
03:32That game was pretty damn quick and insane
03:33Give it a thumbs up if you've enjoyed it
03:35Check out more videos onscreen here
03:37Don't miss out on anything, guys
03:38I'll see you tomorrow with some advance warfare, advance supplies
03:42We've got some boxing
03:43It's gonna be crazy
03:44Make sure you're tuning in
03:45I'll see you then


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