Part6 | マリオウォーウェアLv5

00:07They've lost their homelands to Bowser
00:09Fighting is all they have left
00:12Bowser may have started this war
00:14But together, we'll damn sure finish it
00:17I am so ready to kick some ass!
00:20You're not coming with me this time, Luigi
00:24The Red Mushroom Serum is complete
00:28Nothing will be able to stop you
01:19How ya doing? Uh, hail Bowser
01:21Hail Bowser
01:23Uh, hail Bowser
01:26Uh, hi. Hail Bowser
01:33Hey, check this guy out
01:34Hey you, get over here
01:36Yo, what's up?
01:37What do you think you're doing? Those aren't regulation gloves
01:39What? These gloves?
01:49Move in! Freeze! Hands in the air!
01:56Call it in. We've got an intruder
01:59The boss is gonna want some answers
02:01You're gonna tell me if you're here alone
02:03or if you have company
02:05if you don't want to die, answer the question
02:22Ah get it off me! Get it off me!
02:36Back to hell you yellow demon!
02:54Hold it right there
02:55Call of that yellow rat or I will blow your head off
02:57Do it now!
03:19He's out of ammo. Surround him
03:30Oh no, Kirby
03:35That's far enough. On your knees!
03:37Down on the ground
03:41Let's send a message to his friends
03:52This is what happens to Bowser's enemies
04:31Freeze! Don't move
05:15Hail Bowser
05:26Sniper! Where is he?
05:29Up there in the
05:49Forgive my interruption Lord Bowser, but security's been compromised
05:52I recommend you evacuate
05:56How long till the Serum takes effect?
05:58The transformation could take several hours
06:01I recommend evacuation
06:05You know what to do, Rool!
06:08Call the plumbers
06:10As you wish, Lord Bowser
06:59Nice shot!
07:18I'm out
07:19Go! Get out of here! I'll cover you
07:22I'm going after Bowser
07:37Drop the weapon
07:40Just give me a reason, plumber
07:47I'm such a loser
07:51Mario's right, I just screw things up
07:58Hey, crybaby
08:01I'm looking for the Smash Club


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ピカチューの撮影シーン楽しそう笑 みんあ演技大変だろうなーとかメイキング気にしながら見ると色々楽しい



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