00:03Hello you lovely Foodtubers, Mr Oliver here
00:05Today we're going to do the ultimate tomato salad
00:09You could fold it through a lovely omelette, you could put it through a risotto
00:12So it all begins with the Tomatoes obviously.
00:15You know the plums and the traditional reds
00:17Are the more usual fair, but if you look down the farmers markets and good supermarkets
00:22you'll see a whole range of beautifulness. Look at that, look at the colors
00:26so this is a very, very exciting little world
00:28What I want to do is show you how you can get the most flavor out of your tomatoes
00:33You can slice some, which is absolutely lovely
00:37You can also just clank some up into quarters or little eights like that
00:43Now once you've sliced up your lovely tomatoes
00:45There is an important ingredient that really makes it the very best it can be
00:50and that's Mr Salt, so we're gonna put them into a bowl
00:53Season from a height not because we wanna look cool
00:54but because we want to get an even seasoning
00:57Of the salt, give them a little toss up as you go
01:00and we give them a good seasoning there.
01:01Now immediately, that's going to really transform that tomato
01:05Sometimes chili flakes, Oregano, dried Oregon is gorgeous.
01:10I'm gonna keep it nice and clean today
01:12I wanna put a little bit of acid in there
01:14now you can go vinegar or you can go lemon juice
01:17Whatever you fancy, so I'll put a little lemon in there
01:19and that's just to balance the oil
01:22I'm about to put in
01:23Now i'm using really good, extra virgin, cold pressed Olive Oil
01:26You get what you pay for
01:28This is stuff that you don't want to cook with
01:29it's just for finishing, it's absolutely gorgeous
01:32and again. we have a little toss
01:35and we just leave this for a couple of minutes
01:38So at that point, we'll think about plating up
01:41so I'm just gonna pour that over. Lovely colors
01:46Lovely natural juice coming out
01:48What I like to do is when it comes to the Basil
01:51You know, try and go for the wrinkly leaves, they're more intense in flavor
01:55I use the bigger leaves for cooking and the smaller leaves for sprinkling
01:59One thing I love just to do now is just a little balsamic
02:03little bombs in and around, such a lovely combination
02:07and then because it's me, a tiny fleck of chili.
02:12run my knife, down the length
02:14I don't want seeds in the story because it's too intense
02:17and I'm just going to finally slice that chili
02:21Get your chili and again from a height
02:24We're just gonna sprinkle this in and around
02:28absolutely gorgeous. so there you go guys
02:30a very, very simple but delicious tomato salad
02:34You'll get mega flavor from that
02:35You could take this or left overs of this
02:38and scrunch it into a pizza, into a pizzeta
02:43You could, you could, you could, you could put it with spaghetti
02:47OK? there's so many things you can do, but what I'm trying to say
02:50this is kinda your base level standard
02:52Lots of love. If you like this video then please like it
02:54keep the comments coming guys. We love you lots
02:56and remember that if you haven't subscribed to Foodtube
03:00It's free and we love to have you. So take care


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