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00:00A lot of you have written in
00:01on the hunt, for some inspired lunch ideas
00:04So I thought it was time to show you four more salads in a jar
00:08Today, I'm going to show you Cobb salad in a jar
00:12a tasty, autumn inspired salad in a jar
00:14a wonderful taco salad in a jar
00:16and finally, a beet salad in a jar
00:19that is super seasonal and delicious
00:21Now if you've never seen the first salad in a jar video, I highly recommend it
00:25You can find it at this thumbnail, or there's a link in the description box below
00:29So be sure to check it out
00:31So four these delicious salads, I am using one liter mason jars
00:34You can really use any seize jar you have on hand
00:36and I always like to put my dressing at the bottom
00:39And the reason for that is, if the dressing's at the bottom,
00:41then you can stack all of your ingredients without them getting soggy
00:45Basically, you can make these two or three days in advance
00:48and then when it's time to eat them
00:49you just give them a really good shake,
00:51pour them into a bowl, and boom, lunch is severd
00:54So let's start with our protein packed Cobb salad in a jar
00:58Now we are starting with my home made blue cheese dressing
01:01This couldn't be simpler to put together
01:02I highly recommend making your own dressing when you can
01:05I've left the recipe in the description box below and on the domesticgeek.com
01:09So if you want to check it out, you absolutely can
01:12You can also use the store-bought kind, if you want
01:14So we're starting with a good splash of blue cheese dressing at the bottom of our jar
01:18and to that, we are going to start to stack our ingredients
01:20So we're going to start with some tomatoes, and some avocado
01:24and then I've got some cooked, chopped chicken
01:26this is a great place to use your chicken leftovers
01:29Then I'm going to add some boiled egg that I've just diced up
01:33and some cooked, chopped bacon
01:35I'm going to top this all off with some mixed greens, and boom
01:38you have a tasty, delicious lunch that you are absolutely going to love
01:44Next up, we have our autumn inspired salad in a jar
01:46Now I love this, because it incorporates all of the beautiful flavors of fall
01:50So we're starting with some maple, balsamic vinaigrette
01:53Now again, this is my home made dressing
01:54you can find the recipe in the description box below
01:56To that, we are going to start to stack our deliciousness
01:59We have some beautiful pear
02:01I've got some butternut squash that I just roasted with a little bit of olive oil
02:05salt, and pepper
02:06Then we are going to add some pecans, and some blue cheese
02:10but you don't have to use blue cheese in this recipe
02:12You can absolutely use goat cheese instead
02:14and we're just going to fill the rest with some simple mixed greens
02:16What could be easier than that?
02:19Next up is our tasty, taco salad in a jar
02:22Now it all starts with my lime-cilantro vinaigrette
02:25To that, I'm going to add some black beans
02:27a little bit of red onion, some chopped tomatoes, some bell pepper
02:32and some avocado, some green beans, and then for some protein
02:36I'm going to top this all off with some ground beef
02:38that I've just cooked with a little bit of taco seasoning
02:41Now if you don't eat meat, you don't have to sweat it
02:43You can do the very same thing with a little bit of quinoa
02:45and add taco seasoning to that, it's equally delicious, and just as nutritious
02:53Finally, I'm going to show you one of my all-time favorite salads, my beet salad
02:57Now I love beets in the autumn and the winter
02:59they're just so hearty and delicious
03:01and I absolutely love making this salad when I have leftover beets
03:04It's the perfect way to use them up
03:06So we are starting with my sweet champagne vinaigrette
03:10Again, recipe's in the description box below
03:12To that, I'm going to add some beets that I've just peeled and steamed
03:15top that all off with some crunchy walnuts, some tangy goat cheese, and some delicious arugula
03:22When you're ready to to eat this, you can just shake it all up
03:24pour it into a bowl, and oh my gosh, it is absolutely delicious, super nutritious
03:29and it was so, so easy to put it all together, wasn't it?
03:34I hope you'll give these delicious salads in a jar a try
03:36they are super great to make on Sunday night
03:38and they're basically good until Thursday
03:41so you've got almost an entire week of tasty lunches standing by
03:44Thanks so much for watching
03:45and if you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to The Domestic Geek
03:48because there's lots more deliciousness where this came from




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