00:00When it comes to lunch you want to pack something healthy
00:03but also something substantial enough to help you avoid that 2pm slump
00:06Today I'm going to show you my three favorite super filling salads
00:10that will keep full until dinner
00:15Today I'm going to show you my beautiful Cold Tortellini Salad
00:18a Southwestern Black Bean Salad and a Crunchy Chickpea Salad
00:23So let's talk about this Cold Tortellini Salad
00:25I love this salad for lunch because it's really filling and flavorful
00:29So I'm starting with cheese tortellini in this dish
00:31Now you could use beef or chicken tortellini
00:33those would work just as well
00:35but I love using cheese because it makes it perfect for Meatless Mondays
00:38So I'm just going to add my tortellini to some hot water and cook it off
00:42It only needs about 6-8 minutes until it's done
00:44Then I'm going to drain it and run it under cold water to cool it right down
00:48To that I'm going to add some beautiful cucumbers
00:50that I've given a quick chop to, some cherry tomatoes
00:53that I've cut in half and some pitted kalamata olives
00:56I'm going to top this all off with some beautiful feta cheese, a little bit of parsley
01:01Now in this dish you could easily use store-bought Italian dressing or even some creamy Greek dressing
01:06both would work really beautifully
01:08But I'm going to make a really simple homemade dressing with just some olive oil
01:11some white wine vinegar, the juice of half a lemon and then a teaspoon of Greek seasoning
01:17Top it all with a little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper
01:23and we're just going to give this a really nice stir
01:26Once this beautiful salad is all combined
01:28you can pack it up and it's good in the fridge for at least two or three days
01:32I could eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner
01:36Next up is our incredible Southwestern Black Bean Salad
01:40Now you know when it comes to staying full, beans are absolutely amazing
01:43They're full of fibre and protein
01:46So this beautiful salad starts with a can of black beans
01:50I've rinsed and drained them really well
01:52To that I'm going to add a can of corn
01:54Now the corn is not essential to this dish
01:56so if you're not into corn just leave it out, no big deal
01:59Then I'm going to add a little bit of bell pepper, some chopped tomatoes and the flesh of an avocado
02:05Look how gorgeous this is with all the colors combing, absolutely beautiful
02:09In terms of dressing, we're going to keep it really simple
02:11It's a little olive oil, some lime juice, a little bit of cumin and some chili, some salt and pepper and boom
02:18Lunch is served
02:19This can be left in your fridge for three or four days
02:22and it will only get better the longer it sits in all of these beautiful flavors
02:29Finally, we are going to make my Crunchy Chickpea Salad
02:33Now I'm sure it's not surprising the base for this salad is chickpea
02:37I'm using canned chickpeas that I've just rinsed and drained
02:39I'm going to add all sorts of crunchy vegetables like red onion, celery, bell pepper, some cucumber
02:46and then I'm going to finish it with some finely chopped kale
02:50I love sneaking kale into salads like this
02:52I just cut it up really finally and you don't even know it's there
02:55For this salad, the dressing possibilities are absolutely endless
02:59You could use a ranch or blue cheese, a French dressing
03:02or any kind of vinaigrette
03:03but again, I enjoy my homemade dressing
03:06so I'm just going to hit it with a little bit of olive oil, some white wine vinegar
03:10a little bit of lemon juice to finish it all off and some salt and pepper
03:14And boom. you have such a beautiful salad
03:16To any of these salads you could add a little shredded chicken
03:19some chopped ham or even a can of tuna to amp up the protein factor
03:23even more or you can leave them totally vegetarian
03:26They're delicious either way
03:28I hope you'll give these delicious super-filling salads a try
03:31They pack really well so they're perfect for back-to-school or back-to-work lunch
03:36and if you do, be sure to tweet or Instagram me a photo
03:38I love to see what you're coming up with in your kitchen
03:41And of course, if you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to The Domestic Geek
03:45because there's lots more deliciousness where this came from


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