Part7 | マリオウォーウェアLv4

00:04You're not coming with me this time, Luigi
00:06You need me, Mario!
00:08Mario ...
00:10Go! Get out of here!
00:11I'm going after Bowser!
00:29I'm such a loser
00:32Mario's right. I just screw things up
00:39Hey, crybaby
00:42I'm looking for the Smash Club
00:45Well you're too late. They're all gone!
00:48And you should be glad because they're a bunch of jerks!
00:52What's your problem?
00:54My brother abandoned me
00:56I can't do anything right
01:00I know what it's like to have brother problems
01:04You do?
01:08See, my twin brother Liquid and I were cloned from the same super soldier
01:12Big Boss! He preferred to be called Naked Snake
01:18Dad sent me to investigate a fortress called Outer Heaven
01:21Turns out he was in charge of the whole thing
01:22So we had to fight. And I killed him
01:25My brother was pretty pissed
01:26He stole a nuclear mech and demanded the remains of our dad's body
01:30I had to kill him too
01:31Then I found out I had another brother named Solidus
01:34He was the President of the United States of America
01:37Raiden killed him. He's some cyborg ninja guy I know
01:40Meanwhile my brother Liquid's spirit took over the body of a Russian cowboy named, Revolver Ocelot
01:46Now Liquid is trying to inject nano-machines in all the PMC's
01:50And I can't help but think this is all gonna end in a giant mech battle
01:54I guess what I'm trying to tell you is Family is important
01:58Do you understand the point of the story?
02:02I should build a mech
02:04No. Oh, whatever
02:08Thanks for the advice, Snake!
02:11Say, I didn't catch your name
02:14You can call me LIQUID PLUMBER
02:21We should waster this guy
02:22Plumbers said to capture him
02:23Stay right there
02:25You're coming with us
02:26You're gonna tell us who's in charge of this operation
02:26You're gonna tell us who's in charge of this operation
02:42Hostile's on the move!
02:44Shots came from that direction
03:09Well well well
03:11I can't believe my luck
03:13If it isn't the one that got away
03:20Rool! I should have known you'd be Bowser's bitch!
03:24On the country. Bowser and I have an agreement
03:28I'm gonna use his Shyguy Army to take over your country
03:32And with you here, there's nothing stopping me
03:37Now I finish what I started all those years ago
03:41and I kill the last of your filthy kind
03:44Second to last
03:48What are you talking about?
03:50There was another survivor
03:52An orphan of your war
03:54One I took in, raised as if he were my own
03:58I taught him how to fight, how to be strong
04:01Hidden close to me all this time
04:05So that one day, he could rise up
04:08and take my throne as King of the Jungle
04:56End of the line. Princess!
05:06Where'd you get that?
05:10You know where
06:11You put up a better fight than you father did
06:14He was begging for death long before I was finished with him
06:36Enough playing around
07:07Who are you?
07:09Me? Me and my brother are plumbers for hire
07:16Oh, he's not here right not. He's on a date
07:20with Peach
07:20Where is she?
07:22I don't know
07:24My brother has quite a way with the ladies
07:28Maybe he's getting lucky right now
07:31After you
10:45Dk taught you well
10:47but not well enough
10:55Your emotions are your weakness
11:01You've lost focus
11:04I, on the other hand, am a professional
11:14Hang on, Pearch
11:18I'll save you
11:34Like father, like daughter
11:38And so ends the Mushroom Kingdom




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