Part8 最終章 | マリオウォーウェアLv4

00:29Like father, like daughter
00:34And so ends the Mushroom Kingdom
01:09I thought you were dead
01:12I was
01:19Goodbye old friend
01:29Go on Princess. I'll take care of this
01:37I've gotta stop Bowser
01:47He killed my father
01:49I understand
02:36The King was a great man
02:38When he was a prince, he stumbled upon an orphan
02:41On the streets of the Mushroom Kingdom
02:44A child, abandoned, starving
02:48He took that orphan in, gave him a family
03:15The King taught the orphan to stand for something greater than himself
03:19To stand for honor, for justice
03:23For the Kingdom!
03:49It seems the plumbers have faild
03:54Proceed without me. I'll make sure we're not followed
03:58Very well, kamek
04:03Where's your compatriots?
04:05Screw you!
04:08You will answer me
04:18Where's the Princess?
04:21She's in another castle, asshole!
04:23Last chance. Tell me where she is
04:27Hey! Looking for me?
04:38Hail Bowser!
04:44you OK?
04:48I'll live
04:49We have to find Bowser
04:51He was just right
04:57Drop the weapon
04:59Shoot him, Mario!
05:00Let her go
05:02Take one more step and I'll snap her neck
05:05I said let her go!
05:06Shoot him
05:08I don't have a clear shot
05:09Her blood will be on your hands
05:11You have to kill Bowser
05:13I can't. I'll hit you
05:17It doesn't matter. If Bowser lives, the Kingdom will never be safe!
05:23This can't all be for nothing
05:27Take the shot, Mario
05:29That's an order
05:31You can spare her life
05:35That's an order
05:43I can't, I can't
05:49Drop the weapon
05:52How do I know you won't hurt her?
05:53My plans for the Mushroom Kingdom have failed
05:56but there are worlds beyond this one
05:58I will find another kingdom
06:00Don't listen to him, Mario! You can't trust him
06:05Mario, no
06:22To be continued
06:41On second thought
06:52Peach! No. Peach, hold on
07:07You bastard
07:14Did you really think I would be stopped by a mere plumber?
07:35Someone call a plumber?
07:40Mario, get down!
07:53Nice suit, asshole
07:56This is for the Mushroom Kingdom
08:11You have to go on without me, Lord Bowser
08:37Peach, no. peach!
08:39Mario, are you OK?
08:43yeah, but Peach, she's been shot
08:49don't leave us. We need you
08:58Peach! You're alive!
09:04It's OK. It's OK. It's just Luigi
09:08Bowser! Where is he? Where is he?
09:11He's dead
09:16Luigi killed him
09:26What is that?
09:46Let's go home
10:54Zelda! Zelda! Zelda! Zelda!
11:08Will the transplant work, doctor?
11:10I don't know, but it's his only chance of walking again
11:15Your brother's gonna be OK
11:17I can't thank you enough for what you did for Luigi
12:03On this anniversary of victory, the Mushroom Kingdom prepares to celebrate
12:06it's first ever Independence Day
12:09And in sporting news, Little Mac defeats King Hippo in round three
12:14We now return o our regularly scheduled program
12:19Uh, your Majesty, this is the men's room
12:24Wow, you look incredible
12:28You Majesty, we're late. The ceremony's about to begin
12:32Give us a minute
12:36Why aren't you getting ready for the party?
12:39I am ready. I'm the Royal Plumber
12:41All these toilets are depending on me
12:43Can't that wait, Mari? It on't be the same without you
12:55I can't believe it's been a year already
12:58Yeah, a year since we were fighting, side by side
13:06We were surrounded by danger
13:10I miss that
13:11What are you saying?
13:13Being by your side, Mario. It felt right
13:18I know, Peach. But you're a Princess, and I'm a plumber
13:22You're a hero
13:25I'm a plumber and the world knows it
13:31Then I hope some day the world will change
14:27We meet again. Mario
14:30Did you really think I was dead?
14:32Initializing 8 bit wrap
14:39What, what's happening?
14:41What have you done, Bowser?
14:43What have you done!
14:55What is this place?
14:57What have you been up to, Bowser?


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