キャンプに行ってみた。 by FinalCutKingLv4

00:00Hey everybody! We are going for a weekend camping trip up to the glacier behind me
00:04And we got my sister Megan. You know the VFX Bro
00:07Let's go! One, two, go!
00:10Okay, we are going to over there guys
00:15So we made it pretty high up the mountain, found a cool camp spot
00:18and it's great to be outdoors and get some fresh air
00:20About to make a fire the old classic way and cook up some dinner
00:28Did you see that?
00:31and it came out of his hands! Like the fire!
00:34He started it out of his hands
00:36Dude, I can do it with marshmallows or something
00:38Grab some in the tent
00:40Take the marshmallow, then heat it up
00:46you see that?
00:47I got it dude
00:48So last night things got a little crazy
00:50We realized that Zach could create heat from his hands
00:53So we are going to play around with it a little bit today and see what happens
00:57Totally boil the water here, just heat it up
00:59Are you getting this?
01:01Yeah, Zach's been doing some pretty cool things
01:03He's been boiling water for us
01:05he roasted some marshmallows
01:07but he's getting little "fire-happy"
01:13Check this out
01:15Hey Megan, get out of the way
01:19That's awesome
01:35So it's been an awesome camping trip up here
01:37Quick tip if you ever find yourself on fire don't forget to stop drop
01:40and Oh my gosh!
01:45Works every time!


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