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00:07Hey lovelies. How's it going?
00:09It's me, Ann, and today I'm going to share with you
00:12a cup of coffee
00:14Every now and then I like to have a cup of coffee
00:17to energize me for the day
00:18especially when I'm here in my office and working all day
00:23I'm also very excited because I'm collaborating with Starbucks today
00:27and they had asked for me to share my little way of drinking coffee
00:32like how I like to add in my personality
00:35At first I was like, Oh my gosh
00:36I'm going to make this amazing, fancy recipe
00:39and share it with you guys
00:41and you guys are going to be like "Wow"
00:43But then, the more I thought about it, I don't normally drink my coffee like that every day
00:48so I'm going to share with you guys how I normally drink my coffee at home
00:52It's a quick little hack
00:54and you guys are going to be so amazed at how easy it is to make this coffee
00:58in the comfort of your own home
01:00All right, so to make some fresh and flavorful coffee
01:03I will be using whole Starbucks coffee beans
01:06To add a touch of coconut, you will need one tablespoon coconut flakes
01:10Because I'm using whole beans, I will need to grind them
01:13so I'm going to scoop in two tablespoons of the coffee beans
01:17and then the coconut
01:19If you want more coconut flavor
01:20I suggest for you to add in more coconuts
01:22You can also get really creative with the flavoring
01:25and use other dry fruits or nuts
01:28Process this to a nice, medium grind, and then heat up your water
01:31While waiting, I sometimes like to draw on my mug
01:34with a dry erase marker and some silly, cute faces
01:37All right, so let's scoop the coffee grind into the filter
01:41and now it's time to pour in the hot water
01:43Pour the water into the middle and around the coffee grinds
01:46Try not to pour it on the filter wall
01:50Once the brew is complete
01:52and it smells delicious and delightful, it's time to remove the filter
01:58Lastly, my little secret
02:00is to sprinkle in a little bit salt
02:03It really brings out the rich and full flavor of the coffee
02:07I absolutely love drinking my coffee this way
02:09and I suggest for you guys to give it a try
02:12Let me know how you like it
02:13and also make sure to share with us
02:15in the comment section below
02:17what are some of your favorite recipes
02:19and how you like to prepare your coffee
02:21This is the way I like to personalize my Starbucks cup of coffee
02:25but you can also personalize it with other things
02:27like adding in your favorite creamer
02:29I like to use almond milk
02:34For other fun recipes, make sure to checkout starbucks.com/athome
02:40Thank you all so much for watching
02:42If you guys have a favorite recipe that you would like to share with the rest of us
02:45make sure to comment below, so that way we can all enjoy
02:49how you like to enjoy your coffee
02:51Love you. Ciao


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