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00:00Hi guys, how's it going?
00:02So, as you guys can see, I totally went red
00:07This has been a color that I've been contemplating on for a long time now
00:13I actually thought about this color before I went blond
00:17but then I knew that red would be a hard color
00:20to transition out of, so I went blond first
00:23and then I switched to this
00:26I felt like the blond hair was blending in with my skin complexion
00:30And so I thought it is time for a change
00:34And a change I did
00:37I did this myself, and I blogged it
00:40so if you guys are interested to see how I did this
00:44it's on my block post, which I will link below this video
00:47but other than that, I am linking this hair color
00:51It takes some time to get used to
00:53especially when, you know, you're wearing the same clothes that you've been wearing
00:57with the other hair color
00:58So, in this video I experimented with some new outfit looks
01:03I hope you guys will enjoy this video, and find it helpful
01:07And do let me know what you guys think about this hair
01:10and the outfits, below this video
01:13So let's go ahead and get started
01:30For this first look, I went for a green dress.
01:34Usually I do not wear green,
01:35but I thought it would compliment nicely with the hair.
01:38Since there's already a lot going on with the dress and the hair,
01:41I thought I should just keep the bag and the boots neutral.
01:45This time I opted for a sliver necklace instead of the usual gold necklaces
01:49that I often wear.
01:50It adds a nice balance in contrast.
01:59For this next outfit, I think I've broken
02:01all the old fashioned rules I learned growing up.
02:05No pink with red hair, and white after Labor Day.
02:08Regardless of all of that, I absolutely love the combo.
02:12The pink just soften the outfit, and the white adds a nice elegance to the look.
02:23After going darker with my hair
02:25I was afraid to pair it with too many dark colors.
02:28At the same time, I still have many dark pieces in my closet that I wanted to wear out.
02:33I then decided to go ahead and wear my black top
02:37and then pair it with this cozy grey sweater,
02:41which instantly brightens up my mood.
02:50One of my favorite styles are over sized jackets.
02:53Traveling to Korea earlier this year, it was widely seen on trendy people and in stores.
02:58I found this really cute pink jacket while I was there,
03:02and I felt in love with it.
03:04I paired it with my simple jeans and t-shirt.
03:06And for accessories, I wore my cross body clutch
03:10and heels to finish the look.
03:19Thank you guys so much for watching.
03:21I just always feel so happy
03:24whenever I hear you guys want to see certain kind of videos,
03:28or you found things helpful or inspirational.
03:31It always is very rewarding to hear that.
03:34So, thank you guys so much.
03:35And make sure to comment below.
03:37Let me know what your thoughts are on this hair color and some of the outfits.
03:41And I will see you guys next week!
03:43Ciao, love you!


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